Giving FAQs

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For help making a gift to JCCC, feel free to call the Foundation at 913-469-3835.

To whom do I write my check?

Please make your check out to The JCCC Foundation.

Where do I send my gift?

Johnson County Community College Foundation
12345 College Boulevard
Overland Park, KS 66210-1299

Is my gift tax deductible?

The Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization as determined and defined by the IRS. It is structurally separate from Johnson County Community College. The JCCC Foundation's taxpayer identification number is 23-7164614.

The JCCC Foundation exists solely for JCCC's benefit, serving as the preferred channel for private gifts to all areas of the college. All gifts to the Foundation qualify for the maximum allowable deduction under the law. Donors should consult their tax counsel to determine the tax deductibility of any gift as it relates to their personal situation.

What are matching gifts?

Matching gifts are company-donated contributions that match the contributions made by their employees, thereby doubling or tripling the value of their gifts. This program enables a donor to increase the impact of their contribution to the JCCC Foundation.

To find out if your company participates in a matching gift program, contact your human resources or community relations department for a matching gift form. Then, send it along with your gift to the Foundation.

You can also request a "Double Your Dollars" brochure from the JCCC Foundation to see whether your company offers such a program. The "College or University" brochure lists more than 960 companies that match donations to higher education institutions. The "Cultural or Arts Group" brochure lists 479 companies that match donations to nonprofit cultural organizations. Call 913-469-3835 for more information.

How do I make a gift in honor or memory of someone?

Simply send the gift to the JCCC Foundation along with a note telling us who you are honoring and the occasion, if there is one, for which he or she is being honored. Include the person's name, address and phone number as well as yours so we can properly acknowledge the gift.

If it is a memorial gift, please send us the name of the deceased, date of death and the name of the family member to whom notice of this gift should be sent.

We are happy to acknowledge gifts made in honor or in memory of individuals. If you send us names and addresses, we'd be happy to send an acknowledgement of the gift to the honoree or family. No mention of the dollar amount of the gift will be made.

How do I make a gift of stocks, bonds or mutual funds?

When making a gift of securities to the JCCC Foundation, please contact the Director of Institutional Advancement or Foundation office. Let us help you with the process.

In order to process the securities gifts properly, it is extremely important to have complete donor information (name, address, phone number), the name and type of securities to be gifted (public, private, restricted, mutual fund, etc.), number of shares and the date the gift is to be made.

Physical delivery: Stocks and bonds should be sent to the JCCC Foundation by certified mail with return receipt requested or hand-delivered. If the donor is the registered owner of the certificate, a Stock and Bond Power signed by the owner, exactly as the name appears on the certificate, with a Medallion signature (which you can likely obtain through your bank or broker) also needs to be provided to us. As a precautionary measure, the certificate and signed Stock and Bond Power should be mailed separately.

If the stock or bond has already been registered to the JCCC Foundation, no stock or bond power is necessary; however, a letter identifying the donors is essential for us to properly credit the gift.

Electronic transfers and mutual fund transfers: Please notify the JCCC Foundation office before any transfers. We will need the transfer agent with a mailing address, taxpayer identification number and donor information.

Gift valuation date: The postmark on the envelope used to mail the securities to us determines the gift valuation date for physical securities. For hand-delivery of securities, it is the date the securities are turned over to a representative of the JCCC Foundation. If the securities are electronically transferred, the date the securities are deposited to our account is used. The gift valuation date for mutual fund units is the date they are deposited to a mutual fund account in the JCCC Foundation's name.

Acknowledgment of gift: As soon as a securities gift is received and matched to the donor, the Foundation sends an acknowledgment letter stating the nature of the gift, the gift valuation date and the gift valuation amount.