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Some Enchanted Evening Scholarship Recipients

Meet some of the students who have received scholarships funded by the proceeds from Some Enchanted Evening.

Scholarship Recipient Johnny Carter

Margaret F. and Maron J. Lorimer Nursing Scholarship

"Education has become one of my most rewarding accomplishments. I am the first in my family to graduate college. I acquired a strong motivation, and pushed through many hurdles because I was told I would not be able to. I used this sadness and frustration to motivate myself into the leader I am today. I will complete my RN degree in May 2018 and pursue my dream of being a pediatric nurse."

Scholarship Recipient Christopher Crates

Spencer Duncan Make It Count with Books
Scholarship for Veterans

"The scholarships that we receive are extremely important to us. They help with books, school, rent and even food so that we can continue to pursue better lives for ourselves and our families. But even more important than the scholarship is the fact that there is someone standing beside us saying, ‘We believe in you, we believe in the dream you have, and we’ll help you achieve it because we believe you are worth it.'"

Scholarship Recipient Brittani Sloan

Child Care Assistance Grant

"It is only because of this grant that I’ve been able to go to school and work, knowing my children are getting the education they need to become stronger in everything they do and to excel in the future. Getting this grant was a miracle for all three of us. I knew coming to JCCC would change my life, but I didn’t realize how much it would impact my children."

Scholarship Recipient Angela Walker

Angela Walker shared her life story with a roomful of scholarship donors. She's willing to do the same for potential scholarship recipients if it means they'll apply.

"Why wouldn't you apply? It's easy. It doesn't take that long. I'd apply again if I could," she said.

Walker graduated from Johnson County Community College in December 2017 and, thanks to scholarships and a Pell Grant, she has no student loan debt. When she graduates from the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) in two years, "I still expect to pay nothing out of pocket," she said.

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First, Carmaleta Gilmore was laid off from her job as an assistant office manager. Then she entered the uncertain state of not knowing what would come next. Now, with the help of Kansas City's Full Employment Council and a scholarship through the JCCC Foundation, she thinks she’s found her niche as a student in the college's Culinary and Hospitality Management program.

Gilmore said she applied for scholarship assistance when she applied to be in the Hospitality Management program. She received a scholarship worth $400 from the Overland Park Convention Center. The money helps, she said.

"I didn't feel like I would qualify for anything," Gilmore said. "I'm an older person and I thought the younger people would have more need and get more help, but the scholarships are for everyone."

Gilmore said she sat next to JCCC Trustee Jerry Cook at a dinner honoring scholarship winners. Cook is president of the Overland Park Convention and Visitors Bureau and he attended as a representative of the industry and of the College.

Students in the Hospitality program can apply for more than a dozen scholarships that are administered through the JCCC Foundation. The Foundation also administers scholarships for other programs of study. Students who are interested can get more information from the Foundation or their academic department.
"I am very grateful to be the recipient of the Harry and Bertha Saracheck as well as the Barton P. Cohen scholarships. I'm a full-time student studying general education requirements for a bachelor's degree in social welfare. I would like to use my degree to work with the elderly population or possibly hospice care. I am currently employed part-time at a convenience store. Receiving this scholarship will allow me to focus on my studies more. I am attending JCCC with my 18- and 21- year-old daughters. They inspire me to do the best I can do at school."
"It is with deep gratitude that I accept the Ben and Evadean Craig Scholarship and I assure you that your generosity is not only appreciated and much needed, but it is being put to very good use. Thank you so much for your contribution to my future and dreams, and believing in students like me."
Leon Jones came to Johnson County Community College to explore options for his future. What he found was an opportunity to turn a hobby into his career focus. Jones spent several years as an air traffic controller. Even though the job paid well, he never was satisfied with it.

"I felt like I was always sick and never really happy while I was in that position. That deterioration led me back to school," he said.

The school that was right for Jones was JCCC.

"I've always heard good things about the photography program here, and the college in general. It was that and the proximity and cost that sold me," he said. "Before coming to JCCC, photography was more of a hobby, but now it is a real career option. It has taken a hold of me."

Working with film photography is Jones' preferred artistic method for capturing an image. He gets creative using alternative ways of processing films. One of his more notable works is an image of trees printed on metal.

"No one here at JCCC has done that before that I know of, so I was very proud of that," he said.

Jones' accomplishments so far include winning two fine art scholarships totaling $2,200 as well as having a show at the Truman Medical Center Healing Arts Gallery. After he is finished with school he has a few ideas for his future.

"I could see myself teaching photography," he said. "I think I would like to help bring out that creativity in others."

Ultimately, Jones would like to be recognized as a fine art photographer.

"If I could have complete creative freedom, from staging and directing a shoot and processing the film to the finished image … that is my dream."

"In high school I worked part-time at a cafeteria. After three years at that job, I was about to graduate from high school and unsure about my future when my manager told me about the Hospitality and Culinary program at Johnson County Community College.

"When I learned about what JCCC had to offer it was like a light bulb went on in my head for the first time in my life. I enrolled in the Chef Apprenticeship program and, through the program, was able to find immediate employment at a country club.

"After my first year of school, I was approached by faculty to join the 5-member culinary team to represent JCCC in competitions. It was an amazing opportunity, but being a member of the team requires hundreds of hours of education and preparation. I didn't think I could participate because I couldn't afford to miss paychecks. So I was encouraged to apply for scholarships and was thrilled to have been awarded enough support to cover my expenses while working reduced hours. Without scholarships I would not have been able to take advantage of the opportunity.

"Being a member of the culinary team at JCCC has been an unbelievable experience. My education has been tremendously enhanced and the one-on-one interactions with our faculty chefs have been priceless. This last year we traveled to competitions in Seoul, Korea, and Hong Kong. In July, we were named American Culinary Federation National Champions. It was amazing to be able to bring that trophy home to JCCC.

"I am just one of many Hospitality and Culinary students with a scholarship story... stories of lives forever changed by the generosity of scholarship donors and the outstanding opportunities at JCCC."

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