Open Petal Award

Stewart and Esther Stein have supported JCCC in a multitude of ways for too many years to mention. They have helped create two gift societies -- the Friends of the Performing Arts and Friends with Taste, the new gift society and “foodies” club supporting the Hospitality and Culinary Academy.

Stewart and Esther Stein with Brad Bergman (right)
Stewart and Esther Stein with Brad Bergman (right)

Stewart served on the Hospitality and Culinary Academy capital fund drive and has served on the executive board since 2001. Both have championed JCCC, enlisted board and committee members to get involved and raised much needed funds to support scholarships and programming.

The logo for Johnson County Community College has an open petal as a reminder that as long as there are new ideas to present, new challenges to accept, new visions to pursue, this institution will always be open to them.

The Open Petal Award honors those who have made a significant contribution in the area of fundraising for the Foundation.


  • 2012 - Stewart and Esther Stein
  • 2011 - Dick Bond
  • 2010 - Brad Bergman
  • 2009 - David Wysong
  • 2007 - Lewis Nerman
  • 2006 - Mack Bowen, Steve Wilkinson
  • 2004 - Jill Gerlach, Jerry Nerman
  • 2003 - Jack Ross
  • 2002 - Alicia Mitchelson
  • 2001 - Brian Gardner, Joe Johnson
  • 2000 - Harvey and Beverly Bodker, Mark Gilman, and Marilyn McConnell
  • 1999 - Bob Lytle, Carl Seaton, Norm Polsky
  • 1998 - Judy Stanton, Rich Guthrie, Margery Lichtor, Elaine Perilla
  • 1997 - Nelson Mann, Betty Keim
  • 1996 - Dick and Barbara Shull, Don Forsythe
  • 1995 - Lynn Mitchelson, Ruth Cousins
  • 1994 - Larry Winn, Marti and Tony Oppenheimer, Sue Bond
  • 1993 - Senator Bud Burke, Virginia Krebs, Jon Stewart