Colleague Award

Susan Rider is the director of the business office and bursar for JCCC. In addition to her regular job, she helps the Foundation make sure the business end of our auctions go smoothly, and she helped us set up the online marketplace.

Alicia Mitchelson (left) with Kate and Susan Rider
Alicia Mitchelson (left) with Kate and Susan Rider

In 2006, Susan started working the business end of our benefit auction and eventually took on the art auction "Beyond Bounds." With Susan we got a bonus because volunteer work is a family affair. Husband Shawn and daughter Kate have often joined in on the auction fun.

The JCCC Foundation Awards Committee established the JCCC Colleague Award in 2001 to honor JCCC Faculty and Staff who -- through outstanding service and generous contribution -- sought to improve the lives of JCCC students and college programs and to assist in the Foundation stewardship and fundraising initiatives.


  • 2012 - Susan Rider
  • 2011 - Lindy Robinson
  • 2010 - Joe Sopcich
  • 2009 - Mike Waugh
  • 2008 - Heather Flick
  • 2007 - Bruce Hartman
  • 2006 - Jeanne Walsh
  • 2004 - Bret Gustafson
  • 2003 - Sue Bryson, Jody Cross, Lori Vogelsberg
  • 2002 - John Skubal
  • 2001 - Jack Harris
  • 2001 - Jan Cummings, Jack Harris