Colleague Award

The Colleague Award honors JCCC faculty and staff who, through outstanding service and generous contribution, seek to improve the lives of JCCC students and college programs. The 2013 award went to David Smith, associate professor of hospitality management for his work with the children’s garden at the Hiersteiner Child Development Center.

David Smith, Brad Bergman
David Smith, Brad Bergman

In 2007, Dave established the Children’s Garden at the child development center with a Foundation gift from donors George and Pat Semb. “Farmer Dave,” as he is known to the children, oversees a farm-to-table experience for them each week. The children watch seeds being planted, produce being harvested and then see it made into fresh, healthy foods such as minestrone soup and pizza with fresh produce toppings served for lunch at the center.

The benefits of the Children’s Garden are many. Dave believes that teaching children to appreciate food that comes from the garden and using it in their school lunches is as important as any subject they learn in school.

"Gardening is tied to all school subjects – science, math and nutrition," he says. "The garden is a good classroom and we it allows us to have a positive influence on the diet of these children."


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