Citizen Diplomacy

JCCC is honored for citizen diplomacy

JCCC has been selected by the Higher Education Task Force and U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy as one of 10 U.S. colleges and universities that serves as an outstanding example of how to engage Americans in citizen diplomacy and address the major global challenges of the 21st century.

JCCC was honored for its Las Pintas International Service-Learning Project, which works with the community center El Centro Integral Comunitario in Santa Rosa, within the larger town of Las Pintas, Mexico.

Begun in 1998, JCCC’s international service learning project has assisted the people of Las Pintas with health care, dental care, after-school programs, training of local home-health promoters, family counseling, financial support for children to attend grades K-12 and community education.

“This project has helped JCCC’s nursing, dental hygiene, Spanish language, and early childhood development students gain critical hands-on experience in a developing community. By emphasizing education and self-help, the students and faculty of JCCC have worked to empower members of the Las Pintas community,” said Carolyn Kadel, director, International Education, JCCC. “This program provides significant benefits to the Mexican community of Las Pintas, but much greater rewards to the JCCC teams that serve there.”

As an exemplary program, JCCC’s Las Pintas project will be showcased at the U.S. Summit for Global Citizen Diplomacy Nov. 16-19 in Washington, D.C.

The U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy had nine task forces in nine sectors — business, community-based organizations, development assistance, global health, higher education, international cultural engagement, international voluntary service, K-12 education and youth services. The Higher Education Task Force selected 10 top programs; there were 90 top programs selected by all nine task forces. Selected programs were recognized for efforts to increase citizen engagement in international affairs.

The November summit is the first such meeting since President Eisenhower’s People-to-People conference on the same subject 54 years ago and will serve as the launch for a “Decade of Citizen Diplomacy” with a goal to double the number of American citizen diplomats by 2020.