Hebrew classes at Johnson County Community college give you the opportunity become acquainted with modern Hebrew, the official language of Israel, which has one of the worlds fastest growing high-tech economies and appears in the news often.

Hebrew facts:

  • After 2000 years when nobody spoke it as a mother tongue, Hebrew was resurrected into full and vigorous life.
  • Hebrew is the only ancient language that is still spoken today.
  • Hebrew is the original language of the Bible, and is key to understanding the Bible in its original text.

Hebrew is offered Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-8 pm, and is easy to work around a busy schedule. One semester offers 5 credit hours, and there’s an option of continuing on for second semester for a total of 10 credit hours per year.

JCCC credits are transferable to many universities, and Hebrew credits can count towards either elective credits or foreign language credits (as needed).

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