Financial Aid Disbursement

Notice: New Federal Regulations for Loan Disbursement

Accepted financial aid for the term protects your enrollment IF you have no unsatisfied requirements. Please view What Happens Next after Accepting My Award for additional details.

Financial aid will disburse or "pay" to an eligible student who:

Disbursed When? 

In most instances, financial aid funds will be disbursed (applied to pay your account balance) after the start of the semester. If there are any excess funds, this is referred to as your refund. Please check our financial aid announcements, on the right-hand side of the page, for exact dates. Some exceptions are listed below:

  • Incorrect address - If you need to change your address, please submit the Change of Name and Address Form to the Student Center. Having an incorrect address on file may delay the time that it will take to receive your aid.
  • Changes in enrollment - If you withdraw from any of your classes after the beginning of the term, you may be required to repay a portion of the funds you received.
  • Late-start classes - If you're enrolled in late-start classes, the disbursement of your funds may be delayed by as much as a month.
  • Non-attendance - If you don’t attend the classes for which you receive financial aid, you may have to repay the funds you received.  You won’t be able to get an academic transcript or re-enroll at JCCC until you’ve finished repaying that money.

Disbursement and Refund Calculation Example 

$ 2,300

Financial Aid Award
(found on EASI in MyJCCC)



MINUS Student Account Balance(tuition plus other charges minus payments)


$  600 


EQUALS Refund Amount

How Do I Get My Refund? 

Refer to what happens next after accepting my award for additional details. 

Steps to Enroll for Credit Classes

Contact Financial Aid

JCCC Financial Aid Office

Email, Office Hours, Location

Financial Aid Announcements

Financial Aid Dates - Refer to the semester below for:

  • Book advances
  • JCCC book scholarships
  • Financial aid refunds

Spring 2015

Academic Dates - See the academic calendar for enrollment, holidays, graduation and other general student information.

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