Spring 2015 Financial Aid

Spring Book Advance Information

The book advance is a way to use part of your awarded financial aid in advance to purchase books at the JCCC Bookstore. It is not additional financial aid, unless you have been awarded a specific book scholarship.

Book Advance Dates

  • November 17-Web ordering/reservation opens online at the JCCC Bookstore website.  You should reserve books by selecting "Pick Up in Store" or one of the free shipping method options from the drop down menu under "Delivery Method." For payment, select "JCCC Campus" (JCCC book advance).  Student account is the last 8 digits of the 16 digit number on the very bottom of your student ID card.
  • November 17-Book rental begins at JCCC Bookstore. Refer to the bookstore website for books that are available for rental and the pricing. Book advances can pay for rental charges starting December 19.
  • If you are eligible to receive a spring book advance, an email will be sent to your JCCC email account indicating you are eligible for a book advance. The book advance will be loaded on your JCCC ID card. You can check the book advance balance on your ID after December 19 by logging into your MyJCCC & selecting the My ID Card tab. The maximum book advance is $1,500 and the minimum is $50, with the exception of certain degree majors.
  • December 19-January 26 (Monday)-spring book advances available for use at the JCCC Bookstore only. 
  • January 13-26-Pre-ordered books can be picked up with the student’s JCCC ID that has the book advance loaded. If your books cost more than your book advance, you will need to pay the remaining difference before you can pick up any of your books.
  • January 26 (Monday)-Last day to use book advances. Book advances will expire at close of business on Monday, January 26 and can no longer be used to purchase books.

If you chose not to use the book advance or have used only a portion of it, the difference plus any remaining financial aid (financial aid minus tuition and fees) will be refunded after January 30. If you have late start classes or if you are a first time and/or a single semester loan borrower your refund could be delayed. See Disbursement for more information.

  • December 13-Book rental return for Fall 2014 are due on or before this date.
  • May 22- Book rental return for Spring 2015 are due on or before this date.
    If rental books are not returned by the published due date, a non-refundable $25 fee per textbook will be charged. Refer to rental details on the JCCC Bookstore website. 

JCCC Book Scholarships

A book scholarship, different from a book advance, awarded through JCCC is loaded on the JCCC ID card and the funds can be used at the JCCC Bookstore only. Awarded book scholarship funds will be available for use once a student's financial aid is disbursed. Any unspent book scholarship funds are not refunded to the student.

Spring Financial Aid Refunds

Financial aid checks will be mailed to your current address on file with JCCC and direct deposits will be sent starting January 30. If you have late start classes or if you are a first time and/or single semester loan borrower your refund could be delayed.

Check Processing Dates-Paper checks are processed once a week on Fridays and direct deposit checks are processed 4 times a week on Monday through Thursday.  We encourage students to sign-up for direct deposit.

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Spring 2015

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