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JCCC - Your student resource destination

September 2, 2018

From resource centers to tutors, JCCC has countless tools to help students achieve success.

Student resources: two little words that pack a lot of punch.

When it comes to student resources, Johnson County Community College is not your typical campus. At JCCC, significant emphasis is placed on giving students the means to get ahead and stay ahead. Because when selecting a college or university, it’s important to not only factor in the available programs and campus experience, but also the academic tools that will facilitate success. 

Brian Metzger, a former JCCC student who now serves as a certified public accountant in Georgia, recently tweeted: “I went to @JCCCtweet (Johnson County, KS Comm Coll) for my 1st year before transferring to KU, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. And also, I didn't feel unprepared in the least once I got to KU. In fact, I felt extremely well-prepared.”

Metzger’s experience is just one example of how JCCC benefits students on their academic journey. What’s more, JCCC’s strong reputation extends far beyond the Greater Kansas City Community. Sukkur IBA University in Pakistan implemented resource-center best practices from JCCC thanks to an ongoing partnership the two institutions have in place.

Curious about the offerings that make JCCC a student resource destination? Here’s a look at several on-campus tools available to students:

Math Resource Center

JCCC’s Math Resource Center is a support center for students enrolled in at least one math class. Knowledgeable tutors provide free assistance with math problems and concepts. Textbooks and other resources are also available. 

Science Resource Center

Similar to the Math Resource Center, the Science Resource Center is a free resource for students enrolled in at least one science class. Tutors are on hand to provide students support in anatomy, biology, chemistry, physiology and physics. Books, study guides, models, textbooks and other resources are on-site.

Writing Center

Need writing assistance? The Writing Center provides a variety of services aimed at helping writers improve their skills, including:

  • Tutorials – Students can receive individualized feedback about their writing.
  • Assessments – An assessment quiz can help students determine and improve their grammar knowledge.
  • Software – Software is available to diagnose writing, improve speech and pronunciation, and increase grammar skills.

Tutors are also happy to read essays, and provide recommendations for organization, development and more.

Academic Achievement Center

The Academic Achievement Center – better known as the AAC – is a resource for any JCCC student who needs help with class material. While other JCCC resource centers focus on a specific content area, the AAC works with students to improve their ability and readiness to learn. Make the most of the AAC by signing up for a Smart Start session that teaches you to manage your study schedule, navigate JCCC and more. You can also improve your test scores by interactively discussing test errors and learning to correct them.

And more!

When it comes to ways JCCC helps students, this is just the tip of the iceberg. GED® test preparation, an Accounting Resource Center, a Language Resource Center and more are also available.

Did we mention that navigating these resources is now easier than ever? All you have to do is log in to MyJCCC, select AccuCampus and start tracking your success.

This content originally appeared in the Shawnee Mission Post on Feb. 26, 2018.