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All about Honors

January 5, 2018

Honors Director Anna Page tells what they do, how to join

Anna Page, director of the Honors Program at Johnson County Community College, answered a few questions about how students can get involved in Honors at JCCC. Below are her responses.

"Honors is a great place to be with smart people who share a common interest." – Narayana Sah Pawar Venkoba Sah, Honors student

Why would someone join the Honors Program? Isn’t it just more work?

I hear that all the time, but the Honors experience in higher education is not necessarily just working harder. It can be that, but Honors is more about synthesis, critical thinking, depth of learning… Honors classes allow students to stretch themselves academically and get as much as they can out of their time in college.

Is the Honors program just for brains, nerds and geniuses?

Honors students are just “regular” students who are seeking enhanced learning experiences. Yes, you do have to apply, and you must meet certain requirements to be approved, but no, you do not have to be a “super genius.” You do have to be seeking a degree, though, and be willing to work. If you want to join Honors but are unsure if you qualify, talk to me.

What do you do, if you’re accepted?

"...the Honors program has allowed me to truly see how much I can achieve in such a small period of time..." – Haley Wall, Honors student

You’re eligible to take Honors classes. Honors classes focus on a higher or deeper level of learning and are more collaborative and discussion based.

Honors contracts may be substituted for honors classes, upon approval. Contracts allow you to delve into greater depth on a topic that interests you, but outside a regular class.  

In the Honors forum, students work together to analyze a specific topic or issue, and in

interdisciplinary classes, students see connections between academic subjects.

Honors students also get to use the Honors Study Lounge in COM 200 to engage with like-minded students.

What are the positives of being in the program?

Honors courses are open to everyone*, even those not in the Honors Program. However, Honors students get first dibs on these classes. And in competitive fields, having “Honors” on your resume will make you stand out.  Honors is an experience focusing on academic rigor, leadership, service and cultural experiences.

If you plan on graduating from JCCC as an Honors student, you’re eligible for early enrollment and specific scholarships.

How and when do you apply?

You can apply any time, but it is best if you have at least three remaining semesters to complete the program requirements. If you’re going to dip a toe into the water to try out Honors, contact us today.

Contact info: Anna Page, Director of Honors
913-469-8500, ext. 2512
Office: COM 201

*See class requirements, since certain qualifications are still applicable.