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April 29, 2018

Your personal high-tech assistant is coming soon

It may not be your own personal robot or a life-sized hologram of your mentor, but it will help you navigate college and accomplish your goals.

Your Pathway plus AccuCampus will be your success.

This fall, an app for smartphones called AccuCampus will launch to help you schedule your success. It’s this easy:

  • First, you will meet with a success advocate and counselor
  • Then, they will help you develop an action plan
  • Next, you will navigate through College resources to help you achieve your action plan
  • AccuCampus will track your Pathway to ensure success

Randy Weber, Vice President for Student Success and Engagement, said he liked AccuCampus because of this level of detail. “We liked the idea of providing one central system that would track engagement across campus. We could suggest a plan to help students succeed. Then AccuCampus would track whether these suggestions were followed.”

When credit students first use AccuCampus in fall 2018, it will link together 21 different learning centers onto one system, which students can access with a swipe of their JCCC ID card.

Your very own personal assistant

Phase II of AccuCampus will provide you helpful information such as:

  • Reminders of upcoming appointments
  • Important notifications, such as when tests are ready in Testing Services
  • Next-in-line alerts for offices that take walk-in appointments

“It really is a powerful system,” Weber said. “We’re looking forward to using it to its full potential moving forward.”

Once AccuCampus is fully implemented at JCCC, you will also be able to:

  • Make an appointment in a certain department
  • Send an email to that department
  • Access that department’s website
  • Get a Google map so you don’t get lost on your way to that appointment

Seeing you succeed

AccuCampus helps fulfill JCCC’s mission of inspiring learning, transforming lives and strengthening communities. AccuCampus is a helpful tool to keep you engaged even when you are not having one-on-one conversations with your counselor or success advocate.

“We have the resources on campus to assist students, but they often don’t know about them or don’t think they have the time for them,” Weber said. “With AccuCampus, we get data about students, and we can get them help before they have to ask for it.”

A useful tool for everyone

Students who enroll in JCCC’s credit classes for fall 2018 will have free access to AccuCampus, and it’s just one way JCCC is using technology to enhance the learning experience.

For other technology advances at JCCC, visit the Educational Technology Center website.

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