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Honor (Roll) Among Students

June 10, 2018

You aspire to achieve your best, and your grades reflect that. Making the Dean’s Honor Roll or the President’s Honor Roll matters in more ways than you might realize. Will you be among the top 3 percent of students to make the roll?

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark.”

This quote, often attributed to Michelangelo, rings true for many JCCC students who strive to learn more. JCCC is a pathway for achieving your highest goals – and bestows honors when you meet them. 

Announcing honor rolls for the 2018 spring semester

The JCCC honor roll is a privilege reserved for students who complete 30 credit hours with a 3.5 or higher GPA. With spring semester wrapped up, we’re proud to share the following honor rolls:

Why the honor roll matters

Whether you intend to enter the workforce after you graduate from JCCC or transfer to a four-year school, you will compete with thousands of others for opportunities. Being among the top 2 percent and 3 percent of your peers makes you stand above the crowd. Securing a spot on the Dean’s or President’s honor roll, especially for multiple sessions, shows you have the knowledge and drive to succeed. Honor roll achievers are promoted throughout the College and community – and prospective recruiters pay attention. Adding honor roll recipient to your résumé or application could be the step up that gets you an interview over another equally qualified person.

How to find success

  1. Use a planner to list out assignments, due dates and group events. Block out time for studying.
  2. Pick a quiet spot to study away from noise and distractions.
  3. Take 15 to review your syllabus and previous notes before each class. Jot down questions to ask and highlight important information on your notes or textbook.
  4. Attend all your classes and labs. That seems like a no-brainer, right? There is plenty of time to binge-watch Netflix later.

Really, it’s that simple. As fall semester approaches, aim high and set your sights on making the honor roll. And if you’re looking for an added challenge, our vibrant Honors Program offers opportunities and experiences that will further enrich your academic experience.