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International student Vadim Manuilov builds confidence, social skills at JCCC

June 18, 2016

JCCC helps Vadim Manuilov build confidence and increase social interaction

Vigorous, caring and passionate are three qualities that describe Vadim Manuilov. Always eager to help others, he moves through the campus with an energetic, wide stride and a contagious smile. He credits JCCC for this transformation in his confidence and sociability.

Finding confidence

Manuilov moved to America from Russia in spring 2014. Understandably, Manuilov lacked confidence because relocating to a new country, not knowing many people or uncomfortable speaking the native language could easily alter anyone’s confidence.

Despite Manuilov knowing a little English, carrying on a conversation with fellow students challenged him. He’s always been friendly, but found it difficult to be social.

A friend encouraged Manuilov to join the JCCC International Club. He initially was reluctant, but once he joined he enjoyed the people and the experience. Manuilov became more social and made many friends and connections with those within the club. He credits this to being an active member.

 “The International Club was the first club I joined,” he said. “That’s where I learned how to be more social and how to talk in front of people and not be worried about it. Everything (improved confidence and sociability) started from the International Club.”

Student engagement  

Manuilov’s transformation wasn’t complete. Fellow ambassadors and friends of Manuilov told him how awesome it was working as a student ambassador. They encouraged him to apply for an open position. Manuilov got the job as student engagement ambassador in the Student Lounge.

“I love everything about my job, especially my co-workers,” he said. “We’re all from different countries with different cultures and different opinions. We were all raised differently, but we understand each other. We respect each other.”

The passion Manuilov sees in others inspires and motivates him. In addition to being a member of the International Club and working as a student ambassador, he became a member of Student Senate. He has become passionate about working with others and giving back throughout his student engagement journey.

“I don’t want to be a regular student – one that goes to class and back home,” he explained. “I want to do something great for this school; I want to give back. JCCC is giving me everything to help me succeed.”

Advice to fellow students

Manuilov now confidently speaks a second language. However, like all college students, he is confronted with choosing a major. Manuilov reminds other students to remember why they are in college and to keep focused on the future. He encourages others to have an open mind in exploring different fields of study.

Manuilov plans to continue to work hard and accomplish his goals. He anticipates the day he decides on a major. Until then, he wants every student to remember one thing: “Don’t forget to make an effort to become somebody!”

Others noticed Manuilov’s positive attitude. David Krug, the JCCC International Club advisor and professor of accounting, said Manuilov  became a leader for the club in many ways. What Krug finds most impactful is how Manuilov welcomed the new students to the club with his wonderful smile and welcoming personality.

“Vadim will do wonderfully in his personal and professional life,” Krug said. “His communication skills and warm personality will present many opportunities for him to succeed.  He is a natural leader.”

Story written by Kevin Robertson, intern for JCCC Marketing Communications