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Triple Play: Sisters Earn PMI-PBA® Certificates

January 3, 2017

Jennifer, Janelle and Natashea pass certification exam and boost their careers at Sprint.

It’s long been said, the family that plays together stays together and in the case of the three Brown sisters, the family that learns together earns certifications together.

Jennifer and Janelle Brown are twins and Natashea is their oldest sister. All three of them live in Grandview, Missouri, within a block of each other, all three women work for Sprint in different departments.

And, that’s not all – the trio has completed the PMI-PBA® class through JCCC and to top it off, passed the certification exam, you guessed it – together. The sisters have completed several courses under the Project Management umbrella through JCCC’s continuing education program and really enjoy their team approach to learning. Their method for success is to go to class, study on their own and then come together in review sessions to close knowledge gaps.

“We all took the PMI-PBA exam at the same time and all passed the first time,” said Janelle.  “That was a great reason to celebrate … so we did.”

Jennifer was the first to get a PMP® certificate and inspired her sisters to take it to the next level and obtain their own certifications and now all three have PMP® credentials after their names.

“We are also planning to work on the Big Data certificate at JCCC together,” said Jennifer.

Trio’s trusted partners – Sprint and JCCC

Earning these credentials has given these women more opportunities at Sprint and they feel more confident in using their analytical skills. Natashea is more involved in project management and has practiced a lot of what she learned in class.

 “We have earned respect among our peers and new opportunities for networking,” she said.

All three agree that they chose JCCC because they think it is an excellent institution and because Sprint recognizes JCCC as one of their professional development partners and covers training costs. They acknowledged that the enrollment process was simple, the instructors are understanding and have great experience and the course offerings are varied.

“I really like the testing environment at JCCC,” said Jennifer. “And, the campus amenities are nice.”

Earned certs and perks

“We know each other's strengths and weaknesses so when we find opportunities for each other, we encourage each other to go for it,” said Natashea.

Natashea Brown (Sprint since 2006) is a business analyst for YellowFan Studios. She holds PMP® and PMI-PBA® certifications and is currently working on PMI-ACP®.

Jennifer Brown (Sprint since 2005) is a product development manager. She currently is certified in PMP® and PMI-PBA®, and is working toward certifications in PMI-ACP® and Big Data certification.

Janelle Brown (Sprint since 2002) works in the finance department. She has earned the PMI-PBA® certification and is currently working on Big Data certification. 

“We motivate each other,” said Jennifer.

“We keep each other in line.” said Janelle.

Their extended family isn’t surprised they attend JCCC together because “they are used to us being a trio,” they said.

“We do all kinds of things together like travel and sometimes cook,” said Janelle. “We all come up with new things we want to do and we all try them. Sometimes we work out.”

“And, sometimes we don't,” joked Natashea.