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Student vlogger: “Why I Love JCCC”

January 30, 2017

JCAV producer shares her award-winning video, career goals

It isn’t easy to profess your love without sounding sappy, but for Nicole Fuentes, creating the video love letter “Why I Love JCCC” was relatively easy.

All she needed was a Canon G7X point-and-shoot camera, a sunny afternoon and an honest affection for Johnson County Community College.

The blog-style video won second place in a contest sponsored by the Kansas Association of Community College Trustees. The assignment was to tell the world what makes your college special, and Fuentes shot the three-minute video herself using a mini-tripod.

Fuentes said she shot and edited the whole project in only three hours, but some of her other videos, including a JCCC-sponsored trip to a journalism conference in New Orleans, have been far more labor-intensive.

Disney destiny

Her other videos can be found on her YouTube channel, which reflects how she started in video production.

“Ever since I was young, my dad would let me shoot our family vacation videos,” she said. “We would go to Disney (parks) nearly every year, and coming back, editing it, was the best part.”

Fuentes loves all things Disney, and ultimately, she’d love to work for them, perhaps shooting video to promote the parks or working behind the scenes producing content for the Disney Channel.

“My feeling might be more (related to) a childhood memory, but I also love what the company stands for. I think they’re all about customer service, and they’re there to make the guest happy,” she said.

Discovering a career

She never considered video as a career until spring 2016, when she enrolled in Basic Video Production (JOUR 227) at JCCC. She had always loved shooting and editing videos, she said, but her time at Olathe South High School was dedicated to the dance team, not the journalism studio.

“Taking Basic Video Production sparked my interest in taking that (career) path, and I’m really glad I did,” Fuentes said.

She then completed Advanced Video Production (JOUR 247) and started working at JCAV News, the video component of the Student News Center, which also includes The Campus Ledger and ECAV Radio.

Plans for JCAV

For spring 2017, she’ll be leading JCAV as executive producer. It’s her first “real job” in video journalism, she said.

Her plans for JCAV are to “expand our channel, and get more people on campus aware of who we are and what we do.”

For example, JCAV will work on a longer piece analyzing a new device in the Healthcare Simulation Lab. The short documentary could top out at 10 minutes instead of the usual 90 seconds or so of most video packages.

Joe Petrie, video production instructor and JCAV adviser, said he was proud of Nicole.

“It was awesome to see her get special recognition during the December board of trustees meeting,” he said. “Nicole will do a great job as executive producer because she leads by example. She has proven her skills to her peers, and she continues to do impressive work for JCAV-TV.”