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Evening with the Stars

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM, November 17, 2018
Craig Auditorium and Paul Tebbe Observatory
Community, Conferences & Lectures

An evening of Sun, Moon and Stars with the JCCC Astronomy Department

J. Douglas Patterson, Professor of Astronomy, will present “The Parker Solar Probe and Space Weather.” This newest NASA solar probe will get closer to the Sun than any other probe in the history of space exploration. Solar physicists hope the data will help us better understand the origin of solar wind. They will combine data from this and other probes such as the Advanced Composition Explorer and the Van Allen Probes to better understand the effects solar wind and space weather have on our own planet.

After the talk, Dr. Patterson will lead attendees to the Paul Tebbe Observatory. William Koch, Professor of Astronomy, will give a telescopic tour of the night sky, training our various telescopes on the Moon, Mars, the Pleiades Cluster and other deep sky objects.