Discussion: Digital Literacy

Thursday - March 23, 2017
12:30 PM

On Consuming Media: Are You a Literate Digital Citizen?

11 Digital Literacies of the Future: A Conversation About New Media Skills for Today’s Digital Citizen

JCCC presenters include

  • Maureen Fitzpatrick, Professor of English
  • James Hopper, Professor of Web Development and Digital Media
  • Vince Miller, Dean of Academic Support Division

In this era of “fake news” versus the diminishing financial support for well-researched journalism, how do you know what to believe? 

Do you know the 11 types of digital literacy you need to be an informed digital citizen? 

Topics will include:

● Current definitions of digital literacy
● How digital literacy is changing
● Tools to help in digital fluency
● How to consume and create media responsibly