Southeast Kansas Travelogue, Discussion

Wednesday - October 26, 2016
1:00 PM
The CoLab - OCB 100

Explore the complex history of Southeast Kansas through documentary, discussion

Kansas history is best known for conflicts over slavery in the 1850s -- the Bleeding Kansas era -- and the expansion of the agricultural frontier after the Civil War.

Less well known, even among many native Kansans, is the mining industry’s role in Kansas history, including several notorious conflicts between labor and management. Even the state’s actual Civil War history gets short shrift. 

But if you visit the southeastern corner of the state, and you know where to look, these complex histories await. 

In some places, these stories are told in museums staffed by passionate volunteers who fight to keep the past from slipping away. Other places have already fallen largely silent, abandoned because they involve causes that are now unpopular, including dangerous environmental legacies that have consumed entire communities. 

This documentary, "Exploring Southeast Kansas,"  provides a glimpse at some of the stories of southeastern Kansas as seen through the eyes of a group of Johnson County Community College faculty and staff who visited the area in 2015. 

This trip was co-sponsored by the Kansas Studies Institute and the Center for Sustainability at JCCC. The trip leaders, Jim Leiker and Jay Antle, have been conducting these tours since 2011.