EASI - Electronic Access for Student Information - Instructions

If you don’t have a username (yours or your child’s) when registering, call 913-469-2323 and ask the Registration Specialist for it.

  1. Login to “MyJCCC” (upper right corner).
  2. Enter Username and Password.
  3. Select “EASI” tab.
  4. Click on “Student and Financial Aid.”
  5. Click on “Enrollment."
  6. Click on “Add or Drop Class.”
  7. Choose a "Continuing Education" term.
  8. Click on “Submit.”
  9. Enter CRN numbers (add classes worksheet).
  10. Click on “Submit Changes.”
  11. Scroll down to view classes.
  12. Click on “My Finances” at the bottom right of this screen.
  13. Select “Make a Payment.”
  14. Click on “Pay.”
  15. Select Payment Method.
  16. Click on “Go.”
  17. Select “Continuing Education” Term.
  18. When finished entering information, click “Continue.”
  19. Click on “Submit Payment.”

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