Mind's Eye Literary Magazine

Literary Magazine

Mind's Eye is a student literary magazine published annually by Johnson County Community College.

Copies are for sale for $5 each at the C-Store or in the Writing Center, or from Thomas Reynolds (GEB 165H), Laura H. Gascogne (ATB 111A), or Kelly Byfield (CC 221B).

Faculty Advisors

  • Thomas Reynolds
    Poetry, fiction, and essays
  • Laura Gascogne
    Art and photography

Requirements for Editorial Board

  • Contact Thomas Reynolds within the first four weeks of the Fall semester.
    The editorial board for the new issue should be in place by October 1. (A limited number of student editors may serve on the magazine's staff on a first-come basis, with a new staff being formed each fall.)
  • We recommend students have some formal training with writing or literature at the college level, in particular a creative writing course.
  • Read and select poetry, fiction and essay manuscripts during the Fall semester. Expect a significant amount of reading in November and December.
  • Attend at least one editorial meeting at the end of the Fall semester.
  • Opportunity to write for the magazine, including interviews, editorial notes, book reviews, and commentary on art exhibits at the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art. Due to the late submission deadline, some editorial work will need to be completed after the end of the semester.

Submitting to the Mind's Eye

Anyone may submit work to the magazine at any time of the year, as long as he or she is enrolled at the college at the time of submission.

  • The deadline for submission will be in the first week of December. Check the posters on campus or contact the faculty sponsor for the specific date.
  • A completed entry blank must accompany each submission, and the entry-blank instructions for submission must be carefully followed.
  • Submitters are notified in January whether their work is being published. Those whose work is accepted will receive one free copy of the magazine.
  • Prize winners for each of the genres will be chosen, with the poetry and fiction prize winners chosen by an established Kansas writer. Each prize winner will receive a small cash award.
  • Submitters are encouraged to read an issue of the magazine to become acquainted with the kind of work being published.
  • Entry blanks are available on bulletin boards around the JCCC campus or from Thomas Reynolds for poetry, fiction and essays or Laura H. Gascogne for art and photography.

For further information, please email Thomas Reynolds or call 913-469-8500 ext. 3935.

Contact Us

Phone: 913-469-8500, ext. 3659
Campus Mailbox: 80
Location: CC 221
Faculty Mailboxes: CC 221
Dean: Larry Reynolds, CC 305E, ext. 3765
Chair: Keith Geekie, CC 214A
Admin. Assistant: Kelly Byfield

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