How Distance Learning Works

Setting up your computer to use ANGEL

Online Learning requires some browser setup!

Most of you will be accessing online course materials using ANGEL here at JCCC. Specific instructions for browser plugins and student technical support can be found at the following page:

ANGEL Software

JCCC uses ANGEL Learning Management System. The course name will appear (in the courses nugget) within 24 hours of your enrollment, but the link will not be active until the first day of the semester or the date set by your instructor. (Visit the ANGEL tutorials page to learn how to use the software.)

Your instructor may send specific instructions to your JCCC student e-mail ( so be sure to check your stumail account by logging into MyJCCC. You may also use the MyCourses link inside the MyJCCC portal to send an e-mail to your instructor if you have questions before the course begins.

Online Course Format

Courses offered using ANGEL may or may not be self-paced courses. In those which are not self-paced, you will need to diligently meet scheduled dates for projects and assessments that must be completed during specific time periods throughout the semester.

To determine specific requirements for your course, please visit the Online Course Information Guide. Once you follow the link to the guide, you'll need to search the table of contents for your specific course.

To complete an online course you'll need access to the Internet. If you travel or use different computers (at home, at work, or on the road), each computer used will need to be configured properly or you'll have difficulty completing your course assignments.

Other Course Formats

JCCC offers a variety of course formats - not just online. For information about hybrid courses, face-to-face, self-paced and more, see courses by delivery method.