Missouri Residents Enrolled in Exclusive JCCC Courses

Missouri Resident Programs (cooperative)

Missouri residents are allowed to enroll in the following degree/certificate programs offered through Johnson County Community College, and pay resident Missouri tuition rates for approved courses.

Individuals who will be new to the cooperative program this semester: Select your area of interest below to view current degree/certificate requirements and follow steps A through E to initiate the cooperative process.

Individuals who are currently participating in the cooperative program: If you have questions as to what courses may apply to your degree/certificate requirements under the cooperative agreement, please contact Teresa Leland at 913-469-3438 or by email.

Program Contract Dates July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015:

Biotechnology Certificate Mo Contract
Biotechnology AAS Mo Contract
Biotechnology AS Mo Contract
Chef Apprenticeship AAS Mo Contract 
Dietary Manager Certificate Mo Contract
Food and Beverage AAS Mo Contract
Game Development AAS Mo Contract
Hotel and Lodging AAS Mo Contract
Interior Design AAS Mo Contract
Interior Design Retail Manufacturing Certificate Mo Contract
Interior Entrepreneurship AAS Mo Contract
Interior Merchandising AAS Mo Contract
Railroad Operations Conductor AAS Mo Contract
Respiratory Care Reg AAS Mo Contract

Program Contract Dates January 1, 2014-June 30, 2015:

Biotechnology, AS
Interior Design, AAS
Interior Design Sales Certificate
Interior Design Kitchen and Bath, AAS
Interior Design Marketing & Management, AAS


A. Apply for admission at both JCCC and the cooperative college (Penn Valley, Maple Woods, Longview, Blue River or Business & Technology).

B. Register for classes at JCCC during official registration days, as listed in the JCCC credit class schedule.

C. Submit a copy of your JCCC class schedule to the registrar at one of the MCC institutions listed above. You will be required to complete the MCC Affiliate Program Student Agreement and return it to MCC for certification.

D. MCC will fax a copy of the certified agreement to the JCCC Admissions office at 913-469-2524. (This form, which serves as notification that you are eligible for the MCC tuition rate, must be received prior to the JCCC payment deadline.)

E. It will be your responsibility to check your MyJCCC account prior to the JCCC payment deadline. If we have received the student agreement, the hold screen will indicate a CO (Cooperative paperwork received) hold. This hold is valid through the course of your study, need not be renewed each semester, and in no way affects the registration process.

Payment Process

1. Payment is to be made to Johnson County Community College by the posted JCCC payment deadline at the MCC district rate indicated on your hold screen.

2. Only degree-specific courses (i.e., HMGT, ITMD, etc.) required to meet program guidelines are eligible for the Missouri tuition rate.

3. If you elect to take a general education course (i.e., Comp I, Speech, Math, etc.) at JCCC, you will be responsible for the out-of-state tuition.

Important: Please read carefully.

  • Application for financial aid must be made through Johnson County Community College. The JCCC institutional code is 008244.
  • If you should drop a course at JCCC after the posted refund period, you will still be responsible for the outstanding tuition.
  • Students sponsored by a third-party are required to provide authorization to each institution they are attending for the charges, tuition, fees and books that are to be billed by the institution to the third-party.
  • JCCC has the right to limit enrollment in the cooperative program and can make changes in the program at any time.