Frequently Asked Questions
JCCC training is hands on, not just online!

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What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean is a systematic method that eliminates waste in business processes and Six Sigma is a set of techniques used to reduce process variation. Together they offer some of the best problem-solving tools available.

What is the difference between these courses and other Lean Six Sigma online certification courses?

  • No other online course offers this level of interaction between the instructor and students to substantiate the absorption and understanding of the curriculum. These courses are hands-on, not just online.
  • Complete a required real-world project from your workplace with the Black Belt level course. Includes private one-on-one mentoring with your Black Belt instructor throughout the project (up to three hours). Presentation of your completed project to your instructor, using an online video session, is required.
  • Twice weekly, there are instructor-led and interactive course lectures with the entire class using synchronous online video chat sessions. As part of the chat sessions, you will participate in experiments through online breakouts. A case study is provided for each major tool taught in this course.
  • The intense training using the ASQ Body of Knowledge (ASQ BOK) as the basis for the course is considered the "gold standard" for certification.

What is included in these courses?

  • A resource kit that includes:
    • A Certified Six Sigma Primer from the Quality Council of Indiana, which incorporates all ASQ BOK requirements, plus practice quizzes based on the ASQ BOK
    • "Lean Six Sigma, The StatStuff Way: A Practical Reference Guide," by Matt Hansen (not included in Bridge to Black Belt)
    • SigmaXL statistical software (not included in Bridge to Black Belt)
    • Licensed curriculum through S.L. Webster LLC
  • Certification as a JCCC Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt upon completion of the provided practicum or required real-world project and passing the course final exam with a minimum score of 80 percent.

Is an online course right for me?

This intense online format moves at an accelerated pace. Learn about participant expectations.

What if I miss an online chat session?

The sessions will be recorded, so you may view that session at a later time. To support team exercises and receive full benefits from the course, participation in all chat sessions is strongly encouraged. 

What is the goal of these courses?

  • For you to go beyond the theory of Lean Six Sigma by having the opportunity to apply what you learn, either in a practicum or by completing your real-world project.
  • To glean a positive return on your investment through the completion of your real-world project at the Black Belt level.
  • To turn you into an effective change agent for your organization.

What are the prerequisites for these courses?

  • Firm grasp of Microsoft Excel
  • Basic understanding of the algebraic order of operations (parentheses, exponents, multiplication and division, addition and subtraction)
  • The desire to become a great problem-solver for your organization.
  • For Bridge to Black Belt, the prerequisite is completion of a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt through JCCC or passing an entrance assessment (offered at no cost).

What is needed for these online courses?

  • Internet connection
  • Email address
  • Microphone and webcam
  • Microsoft Office 2000 (or higher) software including Excel, Word and PowerPoint. You may wish to contact the JCCC Bookstore about student pricing.

Who are the trainers for these courses?

Our instructors are ASQ-certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belts and certified Master Black Belts. These online courses were designed by one of our Master Black Belt instructors with 30 years of experience in a variety of industries, saving millions of dollars for clients and employers.

Can I get certified as a JCCC Lean Six Sigma Black Belt without completing a project?

No, the JCCC Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Bridge to Black Belt certifications require that you complete a real-world project at your workplace. The project allows you to apply what you learn in class and helps you qualify for the necessary project affidavit to take the ASQ Black Belt certification exam (not included).

Important note: The project does not have to provide "successful" expected results — but it does have to be finished. Completion of the project, no matter the outcome, is integral to the learning goals of this course.

How will I do the required project if I am not currently employed?

You may do the project for a non-profit group or a family business.

Will I receive a certificate for completing the course?

Yes, if you complete the assignments and required real-world project (or practicum for Green Belt), participate in the online classes, take quizzes and pass the course final exam with a minimum score of 80 percent, you will receive a JCCC Lean Six Sigma Green or Black Belt certification.

Who provides the certification?

Johnson County Community College provides the certification through the authorization of a certified Master Black Belt.