Workshop Descriptions

Registration deadline is Sept. 15

Assessment (Repeated Thursday and Friday)

Simulation-based training is objective and reproducible, making it a possible tool for testing and evaluation. Some institutions and organizations, such as the American Heart Association and the ECFMG, have adopted simulation as an accreditation tool, and there is a growing interest in using simulation for assessment and certification. However, most simulation centers and organizations are using simulation mainly for training and are hesitating to use it for testing and accreditation purposes.

The Course will have three different presentations:

  • Writing the Blueprint
  • Scenario Writing
  • Train the Rater

Train The Rater (TTR) is considered a crucial component of simulation-based testing (SBT) administration since examiners are prone to different kinds of biases and measurement errors and thus may jeopardize the test's psychometric qualities. 

Basic Debriefing (available Thursday only)

MSR has developed a debriefing theory and model to promote the optimal debriefing experience.  MSR will use video to practice the debriefing model to gain the optimum discussion of all participants.  This workshop will focus on fundamental approach to debriefing and enhance your current model or pedagogy.

This workshop will focus on:

  • Observe, Process, Debrief
  • Video-based Debriefing
  • Debriefing Challenges

Advanced Debriefing (available Friday only)

MSR will focus on the debriefing to develop team organization using Crisis Resource Management (CRM) principles and debriefing interprofessional teams.  Hospital based simulation will provide examples to practice debriefing techniques. 

This workshop will focus on:

  • CRM—Crisis Resource Management
  • Using Video for In Situ Training