Overview & Objectives

Registration deadline is Sept. 1

Program Overview

This two day conference will focus on assessment and debriefing best practices as implemented by the Internationally Recognized Israel Center for Medical Simulation, known as MSR. MSR strives to improve patient-safety and the clinical skills of healthcare providers. By proactively exposing trainees to challenging clinical and humanistic encounters, MSR aims to reduce errors and improve the quality of care and teamwork. 

Conference Objectives

  • Analyze the rationale behind the use of simulation complementary to other examination modalities for assessment and accreditation and the importance of multidisciplinary team (content, simulation, psychometrics) in simulation-based assessment.
  • Assess the practical aspects of developing and implementing the simulation-based examination and the importance of continuous examination assessment and evaluation.
  • Recognize the influence of the implementation of simulation-based examination on written and oral board examinations and the formative role of the examination.
  • Evaluate debriefing model to enhance learning outcomes.