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Overview & Objectives

Registration deadline is September 18

Program Overview

This one and a half day conference will spark everyone’s curiosity about healthcare education or improving patient safety outcomes. Our three keynote speakers have extensive experience developing research that is used as the current leading practices within healthcare. Their expertise will provide the participants with a rich dialogue and discussion to promote everyone’s appreciation of how data can enrich our curriculums. The conference will focus on discovering relevant research opportunities that can be implemented into academic curriculums or healthcare practice.

Conference Objectives

  • Ignite curiosity to spark your reSearch framework
  • Apply leading practices to discover how reSearch can influence the design of your program
  • Prepare yourself to be a better consumer of the current research findings
  • Analyze how to incorporate data-driven improvement to maximize your simulation based training
  • Collect and disseminate data to communicate the patient safety story with all stake-holders