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Manny Abarca M.S.

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Community Affairs Liaison, U.S. House of Representatives - Missouri 5th District Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II

I am a motivated professional that sets stringent goals and seeks the highest level of proficiency to accomplish them. I am eager to learn more about economic development and community relations as I look to building more relationships and standing up for my community.

My former focus has been in program development and project management, particularly in the area of environmental sustainability. I have built a nationally recognized recycling program at the University of Central Missouri and the University of Kansas, affecting all levels of both universities and even expanding into the community.

During my tenure at the University of Central Missouri I was able to apply for and receive several multidimensional grants for the university, the local Air Force base and the greater Warrensburg community. I simultaneously worked with one of Kansas City's leading non-profit organizations, Bridging the Gap, on innovative community-based social marketing methods focused on increasing the curbside recycling rates within several Greater Kansas City metropolitan neighborhoods.

I have worked on U.S. Senate races, ran for state office myself and currently work as a Community Affairs Liaison for U.S. Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II in Missouri's 5th Congressional District.

I have great commitment to making a difference in my community and value service to those that are most in need.