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Cavalier Conference on Writing and Literature

Expression · Diversity · Identity

April 12, 2019

E X A M P L E Workshop – Pre-conference

Student Satisfaction Assessment Workshop: Making the Most of the Data You Gather

Student satisfaction assessment provides valuable data for retention efforts, strategic planning activities and documentation for accreditation purposes. The key is to find ways to make the most of these data once they have been gathered from your students. This three-hour workshop will provide guidance for institutions that are currently using the Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI), as well as be informative for institutions that are considering adding a satisfaction assessment. The session will include suggestions for gathering the data, presenting and sharing the results on campus, identifying new initiatives in response to the data, and best practices for communicating with students and campus personnel about the actions taken. Student satisfaction data can be used for internal benchmarking over time as well external benchmarking with institutions nationally. Satisfaction assessment can provide the student voice to your planning activities.

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Workshop I – Pre-conference

Using Metrics to Tell the Future

Robert Pacheco
Lead Evaluator
California Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative

IR has traditionally used "historical metrics" that tell you what happened in the past and most of the time it is at least a year or more after the fact. IPEDS data is a great example of this. Businesses have used "real-time metrics" for years. These metrics tell you what is happening at the present moment and are usually applied to processes. Using metrics to constantly monitor a process allows for an immediate intervention. For example, if you continually monitor wait times in your registration lines, if the wait gets longer than you have deemed acceptable you can step in and take corrective actions such as opening up an additional line. In higher education the use of real-time metrics is rare. Another type of metric is called "forward-looking." These tell you what is likely to happen before it does. Forward-looking metrics help you manage problems before they become serious. These are the truly powerful metrics that can move the management of colleges into the 21st Century. Instead of using metrics to make small incremental improvements, forward-looking metrics can help your college leapfrog ahead of the competition by recognizing where future problems are likely to crop up and then using innovative solutions to intervene before the problem can turn into a crisis.

This workshop will help you set up forward-looking metrics for you college. Brain-storming activities, worksheets and examples from business and other colleges will help you select and set-up a score-card of forward-looking metrics you can take back to your college management.

Workshop II – Pre-Conference

Developing an Economic Impact Statement for your College

Lynn Tincher-Ladner
Chief Information and Research Officer
Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Workshop III – Post-Conference (At no cost)

Exploring the Benchmarking Institute Projects

Lou Guthrie & Michelle Taylor
National Higher Education Benchmarking Institute