National Benchmarking Conference

May 12-14, 2015

IPEDS Workshop


IPEDS Data as the Public Face of an Institution and IPEDS Data and Benchmarking: Supporting Decision Making and Institutional Effectiveness

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Noel-Levitz Workshop


Student Satisfaction Assessment Workshop - Making the Most of the Data You Gather

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Prairiefire Event

The Benchmarking Conference invites you to visit Prairiefire on Wednesday evening.

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Every year, the National Benchmarking Conference attracts a wide range of participants from institutional researchers and executives to national and regional educational policy decision-makers.

We expect this year’s attendance to be approximately 150 registered professionals.

Once again, the conference will take place at the state-of-the-art conference center at Johnson County Community College in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Keynote speakers will be:

  • Anne Kress, President, Monroe Community College
  • Steven R. Anderson, Founder of Acorn Systems and CEO of Oak Forest Ventures
  • Scott Evenbeck, President of Guttman Community College
  • Suzanne Walsh, Deputy Director, Postsecondary Success Team at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation