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Andy Anderson
Vice President of Academic Affairs/CAO

Homer and the Realms of Gold
This talk addresses my experiences on teaching Homer's epic The Odyssey for more than 30 years. Why "lift the song again" (and again) for more than 2,000 years?


Lynne Beatty
Professor, Geoscience

Animals of Antarctica
Nesting Adelie, Gentoo and Chinstrap penguins -- raising chicks, staying alive

Alpine and Continental Glaciers
Scenic vistas showing how glaciers form, move and shape the landscape in Alaska and Antarctica and what landscapes look like after glaciers are gone

A Scenic Tour of the Falkland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula
Picturesque views of pastoral life on the islands, crossing the Drake Passage with icebergs, Deception Island Caldera and the Continent

Rafting and Hiking Along the Canning River, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska
A voyage of wildflowers and caribou

Volcanic Eruptions
Katmai, the largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century, plus Mt. Lassen and Deception Caldera

Backpacking the Superior Hiking Trail
A boreal forest beauty

Permafrost, Polar Bears, and Pack Ice, Oh My!
What is happening to the arctic tundra permafrost? How do scientists conduct research in isolated environments?

Emily Behrmann
General Manager of the Performing Arts Series/Carlsen Center

An overview of the Performing Arts Series
And other ways JCCC connects to the community through events in the Carlsen Center

Mary Jean Billingsley
Program Director in Learner Engagement Division

High-Functioning Autism
An overview of Asperger's syndrome, its history, traits and gifts


Matt and Barbara Campbell
Consultant College Now

American and British Education
A look at the differences and similarities between the two education systems
Presented by Matt

Living In Great Britain
Spending a year living in England has provided us challenges with an insight into the many differences between our two cultures.
Presented by Matt and Barbara

Teaching In a College of Higher Education in Great Britain
As a Fulbright Exchange teacher, I experienced a number of large and small differences between teaching at JCCC and Norwich City College. Presented by Matt

This Old Cottage
Restoring An 1821 Workers' Home in England
Purchasing a small four room, row house in 1997 and then restoring it is a tale of many ups and downs.
Presented by Matt and Barbara

Jan Cummings
Professor and Department Chair, Interior Design

Color Psychology and Living Spaces
Color influences our lives daily -- from outdoor foliage and indoor plants, to the best choice for bedroom colors and why we are more comfortable in some rooms than others. Learn why you make color choices and how to build color into your home environment.

Feng Shui
Feng Shui translates literally to wind and water. Learn how this ancient Chinese way of planning spaces fits into the western way of life.

Design Trends
Would you like to make changes in your living environment but don’t know where to start? We’ll consider what’s trending-brass or brushed nickel, animal prints or floral prints, along with color and style for ideas for a fresh approach.

Shaker Furniture and Lifestyle
The Shakers, led by Mother Ann Lee, provided a communal way of life for many people during the 1700 and 1800's. Learn about the lifestyle of this religious sect that provide us with furniture styles still popular today.


Dennis Day
Vice President, Student Services

Adult Opportunities
College is for all ages. Our perception is that just 18 to 21-year-old students attend Johnson County Community College. More than 50 percent of all students at JCCC are older than 21. Almost one quarter are older than 30. Knowing what is available at JCCC to you as an adult consumer of education, of knowledge, of cultural events, etc., gives you many options from which to chose.

Getting Involved
The classroom is what education is about, but enhancing the classroom experience with social, cultural, athletic and/or academic activities can lead to advantages in the selection of a career, in the interview process or in the understanding of your place in the world. Each involvement activity helps you understand yourself and allows you to interact with people with similar interests.

Is College For Me?
Understanding what is available in a college setting leads to good choices in college selection. Understanding what questions to ask about the college experience will help clarify what your possibilities are for success. This interactive program will allow you to understand your options when it comes to college. Most colleges have unique features that may lead to a more positive experience for you.


Dave Ellis
Counselor, Counseling and Student Development

Barbecue Restaurants Review


Julie Haas
Associate Vice President, Marketing Communications

Getting to Know Your College: About JCCC
JCCC serves the community in many ways. Those who don't want or need to earn a degree may be interested in courses for personal development, workforce training, or the performing or visual arts. Learn how JCCC gives back to the community that so generously supports it and how to take advantage of its many opportunities.

Carl Heinrich
Director of Athletics

Role of Athletics in a Comprehensive Community College
What does it take to be a student/athlete at the college level? Presentation can cover two year athletics and the difference between two year and four year opportunities. Topics can include: eligibility, transfer, and preparation for youth to play at the college level. I would answer questions on how to get recruited, academic preparation, and the enrollment process.


Bobanne Kalkofen
Professor, Interior Design

Working With a Professional Interior Designer
Get tips on how to select the best interior designer for your needs and a brief overview of the typical services offered by an interior designer, plus suggestions on what you need to do before meeting with your designer for the first time.

Andrea Kempf
Retired Professor/Librarian

Book Reviews: International and Contemporary American Fiction
This presentation includes but is not limited to Jewish fiction, Muslim fiction, literature from Eastern Europe, literature from India, Asian fiction, intercultural and immigration fiction and graphic novels. Most of my book reviews are either themed or geographically based. Recent topics include books about revenge, fiction from Turkey as its related to Turkish history, Muslim fiction, international art theft, fiction about mental health issues, Asian mystery novels and the Jewish contribution to the graphic novel. I usually speak about several books at a session. I occasionally speak about popular non-fiction as well.

Kay King
Associate Professor, Administration of Justice, Chair

Compulsive Gambling
General information about this behavior and its consequences

Criminal Justice System
General overview of the system and how it relates to other systems

General discussion tailored to the needs of the agency requesting the presentation

Keith Krieger
Program Director, Technical Training, Continuing Education and Workforce Development

Social Software: Facebook, Twitter and Linkedln
This topic explores the uses of these new social software tools. (Requires a broadband Internet connection. A laptop projector and screen is highly recommended. A projector is available for those venues not able to provide a projector.)

Leveraging Linkedln
How to use Linkedln for job searches and building professional online networks. (Requires a broadband Internet connection. A laptop projector and screen is highly recommended. A projector is available for those venues not able to provide a projector.)

Staying Safe Online
This topic explores methods to maintain your privacy and security online. (Requires a broadband Internet connection. A laptop projector and screen is highly recommended. A projector is available for those venues not able to provide a projector.)

Effective Search Strategies
This topic explores techniques to make Internet searches more effective at finding what you want. (Requires a broadband Internet connection. A laptop projector and screen is highly recommended. A projector is available for those venues not able to provide a projector.)

Getting to An Empty Inbox Everyday
This topic illustrates the methods to keep the inbox empty everyday. (Requires a broadband Internet connection. A laptop projector and screen is highly recommended. A projector is available for those venues not able to provide a projector.)

Effective Presentations with PowerPoint
Learn how to communicate with PowerPoint instead of putting your audience to sleep with bullet points and animations. Help the audience understand your message, buy your project or come around to your point of view. (Requires a broadband internet connection. A laptop projector and screen is highly recommended. A projector is available for those venues not able to provide a projector.)


Valerie Mann
Adjunct Associate Professor – Learning Strategies

Volunteerism: A Way of Life
Volunteering is your community is a win-win proposition. Not only can you enrich your community through your efforts, you may also help yourself. From your career advancement skill to lower depression and mortality rates, the benefits are manifold. Learn about opportunities in our community, as well as why volunteering is a beneficial way of life

Karen Martley
AVP, Continuing Education & Organizational Development

It goes without saying that good leadership is crucial to any successful organization. But, what makes a good leader and how can someone develop himself or herself into a good leader if they are not one to begin with? The answer is that there are many factors that contribute to good leadership. And, whether someone is naturally a good leader or not, anyone can become a good leader.

Change Management
It is often said that the only things in life that are inevitable are death and taxes. Well, you can add a third item to the things that are inevitable, and that is change. And change is happening faster than at any time in human history. To deal effectively with change you cannot let it frustrate or upset you. You cannot attempt to minimize or avoid change. Instead, you have to learn how to deal with change, and use it to your advantage.

Employment Engagement
Employee engagement is a workplace approach designed to ensure that employees are committed to their organization’s goals and values, motivated to contribute to organizational success, and are able at the same time to enhance their own sense of well-being. Employers can have a great deal of impact on people’s level of engagement. That is what makes it so important, as a tool for business success.


Sheilah Philip
Professor of Theatre, Academic Coordinator for Theatre

JCCC Theatre Department Productions: Something for Everyone
A summary of the productions scheduled for the current season, including discussion of the way we choose productions and why we seek the variety we do.

What If I Lose My Voice? Or, Tomorrow's My Big Presentation and Now I've Caught a Cold. What Can I Do?
From time to time, we all find ourselves having to make a speech or presentation when we don't feel well and when our voice sounds like a rasp! This talk will assist you in learning what you can do to help yourself, how best to protect your voice, and what syrups and pills will help while others will not.


Jo Randall
Adjunct Professor

It IS easy being green
It is simple thoughts and simple changes you can make for a healthier you, home and world.


Stephanie Sabato
Associate Professor, Graphic Design

  • Tibet in Crisis: Living in Exile
  • Exquisite Morocco – Beauty and Challenged

Charis Sawyer
Associate Professor, Center for Teaching & Learning

The Aging Brain
Contrary to popular opinion, not all the news is negative on the brain as it grows older. This interactive presentation explores what is positive about an older brain, according to research.

Sleep and the Brain
New research is giving us more insight into the sleeping/dreaming process and why it is so important to brain function.

The Gray Side of the Brain - Brain Basics
This interactive presentation will provide background information for understanding the new research available on how the brain functions. Topics may include aging, chemicals, environmental issues, sleep or others suggested by audience.

The Adolescent Brain
Neuroscientists are discovering new information on the teenage brain and its growth and pruning. Why do teenagers do the things they do? This presentation will survey the current knowledge of brain development in adolescence.

What's Love Got to Do With It?
Take a look at the emotional side of the brain. How does the brain recognize emotions? Where are emotions recorded in the brain? What are the physiological impacts of emotions on learning? Answers are provided in an interactive presentation.

Stress, Anxiety, and the Brain
This presentation answers the questions about the impact of too much stress on the brain. How much is too much? What physiological changes take place in an anxious brain? What are some effective ways to handle stress and anxiety?

Lori Schwartz
Adjunct Professor, Psychology

Making Relationships Work
I was recently certified as a sex therapist and have been a licensed psychologist for the last 20 years. I'll discuss what we know -- from our research as psychologists -- will help ensure relationships work and talk about what harms relationships. 

Chris Specht
ABE/GED Transitions Counselor

Literacy in Johnson County
Learn about the problem of functional illiteracy in the U.S. and in our community and the services Johnson County Adult Education offers to improve the literacy skills of under-educated adults.

Loralee Stevens
Assistant Dean of Community Outreach for Credit Instruction

  • College 101
  • Preparing for College
  • Is Your Career A Match For You?


Anita Tebbe
Professor and Career Program Facilitator, Paralegal

Southeast Johnson County, Kansas, History: Stanley, Morse, Aubry, Stilwell Communities
The Indian, white pioneer settling, Civil War, and 20th century history of the area is discussed in this presentation, based on a book that the author published in 2005.


Phil Wegman
Program Director-Transportation

JCCC responds to the country's transportation training needs:

  • Commercial Truck Driver Training CDL
  • Motorcycle Training
  • Defensive Driving