Photos of Lawrence Centennial School

Lawrence Centennial School main entrance

This is the main entrance to Lawrence Centennial School. JCCC students do not use this entrance. Please use the south entrance reserved for JCCC students. 

Lawrence Centennial School West Entrance.

This is the west entrance and is accessible to JCCC students. However, it may be difficult to find parking spaces during the day on the west side. JCCC students are encouraged to use the parking lot on the south side as shown below.

Lawrence Centennial School South Entrance

This is the south entrance to Lawrence Centennial School. You can access the south parking lot by taking Louisiana Street to Greever Street, then turning west and following the JCCC signs.

Lawrence Centennial School Staff Resource Room

This resource room is available for students, faculty and prospective students. There are three computers, a printer, a copier and a staff member available while classes are in session.

Lawrence Centennial School Lecture Classroom

Wireless Internet is available in this lecture classroom.

Lawrence Centennial computer labs

Students also have access to computer labs.

Lawrence Centennial School Health Occupation Lab

Certified Nurse Aide and Certified Medication Aide classes are held in this new lab.