Fieldhouse or Big Space

The most striking feature of this facility is GYM 003, commonly referred to a “the big space.” The name is apropos for a 43,000-square-foot area, equivalent in size to three basketball courts, which can accommodate up to eight classes simultaneously. The floor has a 7-millimeter rubber mat topped with 2 millimeters of polyurethane. Its size is so immense that upkeep requires two riding machines - a sweeper and scrubber, each the size of a small street cleaner.

A 200-meter track with six lanes, three for walking and three for running, circles a central, multifunctional area. The multifunctional area can be configured for basketball, volleyball, badminton and tennis courts using retractable partitions. Each end of the multifunctional space can accommodate three sets of retractable nets that create practice cages for batting and pitching for softball and baseball or driving golf balls. The Fieldhouse also serves as the host venue for the indoor heptathlon and pentathlon events of the NJCAA Region VI Track Championships.

JCCC Fieldhouse Track Records (PDF)