Paragon Ragtime Orchestra

Paragon Ragtime Orchestra
'You're A Grand Old Rag: George M. Cohan's Broadway'

1 p.m. and 8 p.m., March 31, 2017 | Polsky Theatre

$6 (1 p.m. abbreviated show) $21 - $25 Individual Tickets Season Ticket Package

Ragtime and opera join hands as conductor Rick Benjamin and his 11-piece orchestra blend strings, woodwinds and brass to fill the evening with sounds of a lively past creating "America's Original Music."

For generations, the name George M. Cohan has conjured the rollicking magic that is Broadway. And this legend is real: as America's beloved tunesmith and original "Song and Dance Man," Cohan actually was the father of modern musical theater. This exciting PRO program, starring Colin Pritchard, offers a stirring look at George M's amazing life and music – "Give My Regards to Broadway," "H-a-rr-i-gan," "The Yankee Doodle Boy," "Over There!" and all the rest. "You're A Grand Old Rag" is a tap-dancing bravura performance that brings audiences to their feet!

Sponsored by Mark Gilman

Preshow Talk

7 p.m., March 31, 2017 | Polsky Theatre

Rick Benjamin, founder and director, will talk about the origins of American traditional music.

60-Minute Abbreviated Performance (just added)

1 p.m. , March 31, 2017 | Polsky Theatre


Friends Hospitality

6:45 p.m., March 31, 2017