Bach Aria Soloists

Bach Aria Soloists
'L’Histoire du soldat'

8 p.m., February 18, 2017 | Polsky Theatre

$21 - $25 Individual Tickets Season Ticket Package

We welcome Kansas City-based ensemble Bach Aria Soloists for a very special program, created especially for the JCCC Performing Arts Series.

"L’Histoire du soldat," or "The Soldier's Tale," is a theatrical work performed by two actors and a dancer accompanied by a septet of instruments. The piece was conceived by Igor Stravinsky and Swiss writer C.F. Ramuz based on a Russian folk tale, "The Runaway Soldier and the Devil." During World War I, a young soldier trades his violin to the devil in exchange for great wealth. Full of the wit and humor of Stravinsky, rhythms are always shifting; the music incorporates elements of jazz, Viennese waltz and ragtime. The violin is guttural and raw, the clarinet seems to have a will of its own and the piano acts as a rhythm section, full of barroom "honky tonk." The story is told by three actors: the soldier, the devil and the narrator. A dancer plays the non-speaking role of the princess.

The performance features actors Mark Robbins and Robert Gibby Brand. Musicians are Elizabeth Suh Lane, artistic director/violin; Jo-Ann Sternberg, clarinet; Mari Yoshinaga, percussion; Jeff Harshbarger, double bass; Keith Benjamin, trumpet; Jo Dee Davis, trombone; and Leslie B. Dunner, conductor.

The first half of the program will feature Bach Aria Soloists in their usual configuration. Ms. Suh Lane will be joined by Sarah Tannehill Anderson, soprano, and Elisa Williams Bickers, harpsichord.