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The vending staff continually strives to provide you with a broad variety of beverages and fresh snacks.

Close-up of a vending machine that takes credit and debit cards

Beverages include Pepsi, Ocean Spray juices, Aquafina water and Gatorade products. Snacks include a variety of chips, granola bars, assorted crackers, nuts, candy, cookies and other snack items.

Enjoy a refreshing snack today!

Vending Machine Locations


On the rare occasion you may need to obtain a refund from a vending machine, please call 913-469-8500, ext. 3142.

We will need to know the following:

  • Machine location (e.g. COM; 2nd floor OCB, etc.)
  • Selection attempted, either by number or snack (e.g., C4 or Snickers)
  • Nature of the problem (e.g. product jam, no product)
  • Amount of money lost.

Once you have reported the problem, you can get your refund in the following locations:

  • Food Court cashier
  • javajazz@jccc
  • Down Under
  • Encore! Espresso
  • Café Tempo

Any refund over $2 must be approved by a manager.