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So you think you missed the chance to take a class this semester at Johnson County Community College.

Not so.

JCCC is introducing dozens of classes that were not a part of the initial fall offerings. If you wanted Composition I but it was full, or you wanted Accounting 121 but it was only offered at a time that didn’t work for you, well, check out the new offerings. You might find those classes now. (The site should come up if you wait just bit.)

The new short-term classes (sometimes called late-start or 2 x2 classes) are being offered to accommodate students who are more and more taking varying schedules from a variety of schools. They will allow some students to rack up credits faster than they can now.

Short-term courses are the ideal solution for:

  • Courses that were previously closed due to maximum enrollment
  • Class schedule conflicts
  • Transfer to KU and K-State
  • Students recently enrolled in KU, K-State and other four-year colleges
  • Students who applied but did not enroll at JCCC before the regular semester start

Many of these are building-block credit courses, said Clarissa Craig, associate vice president of instruction, such as English and history – that transfer to four-year universities like the University of Kansas. If you are going for a bachelor’s degree, they are courses that you likely will need.

A regular semester runs for 16 weeks. For the short-term classes, JCCC now is offering a 14-week session, which will start Aug. 31, and an eight-week session that will begin Aug. 31. A second eight-week session will begin Oct. 12.

“One of the things we had not done as purposefully as we are this fall is looking at eight-week back-to-back sessions as an option for scheduling. That could allow a student who is really on the ball to complete two courses in what traditionally has been 16 weeks. Of course, the pace would be much quicker because students will be doing the same amount of work in a compressed time frame.”

Short-term classes give students more options as they move along in their studies. Sometimes, a student didn’t realize he or she needed to complete a competency or other requirement before the first regular day of a semester. Providing them with an option of starting a class two weeks or later than usual could give the student enough time to deal with that requirement and keep his college journey moving along.