Tool List for AUTO 125

Introduction to Automotive Shop Practices

  • Tool requirements are very minimal for this course.
  • They should be in a portable carrying case because tools will not be stored in the lab for this class.
  • Tools will not be needed until halfway thru the course.
  • Purchase options and recommendations will be discussed in class.
  • Other tool purchases may be required to perform specific pre-approved tasks toward the end of the semester.

Example: 201 Piece 1/4", 3/8", & 1/2" Drive Mechanics Tool Set - Part number: 91-988

AUTO 125 Tool Set

Torque Wrench

  • 0—150 ft./lbs---1/2” or 3/8” drive
  • Click or beam type

Air Tools

  • ½” Impact---$75.00 & up---Don’t buy a cheap $20 one—They don’t work!
  • Wheel lug nut—Impact Sockets—1/2’ drive
  • Milton 777 Male air adaptor

Safety Glasses

  • ANSI-Z87.1

Tool Box

  • Portable
  • Large enough to carry all of your tools