First Year Architectural Program

This is a suggested sequence of courses. Other general education courses may be equivalent to the ones listed.  Actual requirements should be reviewed with the JCCC Architecture program staff or Counseling and Advising Services and your specific transfer university of choice.

The curriculum below meets the requirements for the one year JCCC architecture transfer program to the five year Master of Architecture degree at the University of Kansas.


MATH 171 College Algebra: Pre-requisite (+) 3
ENGL 121 Composition I 3
  Total credit hours 6

First semester (Fall Semester)

ARCH 120 Introduction to Architecture 3
ARCH 127 Intro to Architectural Graphics I 4
ARCH 240 Architectural History I (*) 3
ARCH 241 Architectural History II (*) 3
MATH 175 Discrete Math
or MATH 225 or MATH 231
  Total credit hours 16

Second semester (Spring Semester)

ARCH 123 Architectural Principles 3
ARCH 131 Architectural Graphics II (#) 3
ARCH 140 Architectural Design (#) 3
ARCH 245 Architectural History III (*) 3
PHYS 130 General Physics I 5
  Total credit hours 17


ENGL 122 Composition II 3
  Total credit hours 3
+ Pending math assessment. This is a pre-requisite for MATH 175, 225, or 231
# Courses should be taken together within the same semester to follow course sequence of KU ARCH 109, 6 hour credit class.
* Courses not required for first year transfer to KU, but meets all of the KU Architecture History requirements.