Kyle Arness

Cav Leader, Admissions

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Hometown: Shawnee, Kansas

High School: Maranatha Academy, Christ Preparatory Academy

Studying: Liberal Arts degree, and transfer for a degree in Business from KSU

Why did you choose JCCC? I was unsure what my next step after high school should be, so I decided to listen to the advice everyone was giving me and attend JCCC. It has given me time to decide on a major in a very affordable and fun way.

What clubs or extracurricular activities are you involved in? I have checked out several clubs and organizations from Swing Club to InterVasity. All the clubs are fun and make your experience so much better.

What is your advice for future students? Attend JCCC and get involved right away. The whole school is filled with opportunities from Study Abroad to over 75 clubs, your experience just depends on you.

What is your favorite part of JCCC? I like how easy it is for students to get involved and all the opportunities. JCCC has a very personal feel, and the best professors around.