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Homestay Information for International and Immigrant Students

The JCCC homestay program offers JCCC I-20 students the opportunity to live in a U.S. family’s home as a member of the family. Students who live with a Homestay family improve their English more quickly through conversation and daily interactions with their hosts. Also a Homestay provides students with a clean, safe and caring atmosphere in which to live while they are attending JCCC.

The text below provides a brief summary of the Homestay program. For additional details about the program and to obtain the homestay application, consult the JCCC Homestay Program Information and Application for Students brochure (PDF).

What’s included in a homestay-Each host/host family provides a student with a private bedroom, a quiet study area, access to laundry facilities, and meals in the case of a traditional homestay.

Cost of Homestay-The average monthly stipend for Homestay is currently $550 to $600 per month. The monthly stipend is paid to the host family to cover the expenses of room and board (such as electricity, water, local telephone service and food, if desired). Unlike a rental situation, a Homestay provides much more than housing and meals.

Transportation-JCCC is located in Overland Park Kansas, a city with a population of approximately 175,000. Although it is the 2nd largest city in Kansas, it has almost no public transportation. For this reason, only students who plan to buy a car within a month of arriving at JCCC should consider applying to the homestay program.

Duration of a Homestay-Placements vary depending upon your and the host’s preferences and needs. Placements typically last one semester (five months) or one academic year (nine months – August through May).

How to apply for the homestay program-The process begins by a student submitting to JCCC’s International and Immigrant Student Services (IISS) office a completed homestay application and letter of introduction then paying a $100 application fee online.

Matching hosts and students-The Homestay Coordinator will carefully review your application and letter of introduction to find the best suitable match for you with a prospective host/host family. Variables such as the host’s and student’s values, activities each enjoys, religious preferences and length of Homestay desired will be used to seek the best match.

When to apply for a homestay-Homestays can be arranged anytime throughout the year. However, the greatest demand for placement is for the start of the fall semester. Because there are often more students applying for homestays than there are hosts available, students must apply for a homestay before July 1 to be considered for a fall placement and by December 1 for a spring placement.

What to consider before applying-Although residing with an American family is an enriching experience for many, this living arrangement is not necessarily suitable for all international students. Staying with a host family involves sharing space with others, taking part in shared household activities, and following established rules within a family. As such, this living arrangement may not be the best housing option for you if one of your goals while attending JCCC is to live independently.

For further information-Contact the JCCC Homestay Coordinator at 913-469-7682, email or come to the IISS office in COM 306.