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Excel in CTE (formerly SB 155)

This bill authorizes JCCC to waive the cost of tuition for high school students who meet JCCC Kansas residency requirements for enrollment in any tiered career technical course.

The Kansas State Senate passed Excel in CTE (formerly known as SB 155) in May 2012. Textbook, program fees and any other additional fees may apply.

How can you determine if a credit class complies with Excel in CTE (formerly SB 155)?

Use the credit class search to look for classes by subject or class title. If the course qualifies, it will say "Excel in CTE (formerly SB 155)" after the list of dates and times. Prior to enrollment, check the class search for course and status changes. 

Do students complete the JCCC admission application or is there a separate application?

High school students complete the JCCC admission application.

When will students taking advantage of Excel in CTE (formerly SB 155) be able to enroll?

Students may enroll in JCCC courses on the designated dates of enrollment. Students enrolling in College Now courses eligible for Excel in CTE (formerly SB 155) funding need to follow the College Now enrollment deadlines.

Do students have to declare a major?

No, high school students do not declare a major while in high school and enrolling in college courses.

Does Excel in CTE (formerly SB 155) cover textbooks and supplies?

No, these expenses are the responsibility of the student. Excel in CTE (formerly SB 155) covers the cost of tuition only.

Are students enrolling in classes under Excel in CTE (formerly SB 155) required to take placement tests?

High school students need to follow all JCCC policies and procedures. If students do not meet the ACT score requirements and a placement test is required, please refer to Testing Services.

If students do need to take placement tests and they place into a developmental reading, writing or math course, do they need to enroll in these courses as well?

Enrollment in the appropriate course is required if taking courses at JCCC. These courses are not eligible under Excel in CTE (formerly SB 155), so cost of tuition would apply.

Do high school counselors contact JCCC counselors when a student wants to take advantage of Excel in CTE (formerly SB 155) course enrollment?

No, they do not have to contact our counselors to take advantage of this. Students simply follow the JCCC admission, testing and enrollment procedures.

Do Excel in CTE (formerly SB 155) students wanting to enroll in a specific course need to wait until the currently enrolled college students have selected their courses?

High school students who plan to enroll in a course taught on the JCCC campus will enroll according to the dates published in the academic calendar. They do not have to wait for college-level JCCC students to enroll first. Please note, late enrollment is not allowed at JCCC. Students must be enrolled no later than the day before the course begins.