College Now

The College Now program is a partnership program that provides high school students with an opportunity to earn college credits while completing their high school requirements through concurrent enrollment.

College Now Benefits

The cost to attend JCCC is significantly lower than area public and private colleges and universities. The typical College Now course will range from 3 to 5 credits. Tuition rates are based on cost per credit-hour.

  • Gives you a step ahead into college life and the skills needed to succeed.
  • Saves you time. When you graduate from high school you will already have a head start on your college education.
  • Saves you money. Lowers the cost of your overall college education.
  • Provides schedule flexibility in college in completing general education courses while still in high school.
  • Demonstrates academic initiative and seriousness when applying to colleges and universities.
  • Provides access to JCCC math and other resource centers and free or low-cost tutoring.
  • Provides access to the wealth of academic resources in the JCCC library, computer labs and departments.

Students reported that 87 percent of their College Now courses transferred as course-for-course and an additional 9 percent indicated their courses transferred as electives.

NACEP Accreditation

 National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships

Accredited by the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships.