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The College Now handbook provides guidelines you will use as a student at the College.

College Now students have all the same rights and responsibilities as other JCCC students. This handbook provides guidelines you will use as a student at the College.

JCCC Student Handbook - academic policies and procedures, admission and enrollment information and services for students.

Nondiscrimination policy - Johnson County Community College is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination.

Accessibility - JCCC provides a range of services to allow persons with disabilities to participate in educational programs and activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Whom at my school should I see about the College Now Program?
    While all counselors know something about the program, the person most knowledgeable is your College Now building representative.
  2. May I enroll for College Now credit any time?
    No. Each semester there is a deadline stipulated in the schedule of College Now classes. You must enroll and pay your tuition by this deadline.
  3. How many College Now credit hours may I accumulate?
    There is no limit, however, speak with a JCCC academic advisor and/or refer to the JCCC transfer guides for guidance.
  4. If I decide second semester that I would like college credit for a first semester course (i.e., Composition I) in which I was not enrolled, may I enroll retroactively?
  5. If I move out of the area and cannot complete my College Now class, what should I do?
    You must fill out a JCCC Add/Drop Form, which you may get from your school’s College Now building representative or from the JCCC Admissions and Records office. Failure to drop will result in a grade of “F” on your transcript.
  6. Will I have to take the college’s final exam?
    If there is a departmental exam given to on-campus students, you will have to take it. The grade you earn will be figured into your final grade. Your College Now counselor and teachers know which classes have JCCC finals.
  7. When I complete a College Now class, how will my grade be recorded by JCCC
    Your grade will be recorded on an official JCCC transcript.
  8. If my school adds a grade point because of the honors or AP designation for my high school class, will the extra grade point be reflected on my JCCC transcript?
  9. If I decide to attend JCCC after I graduate from high school, will my College Now courses count?
  10. Will my College Now grades be figured into my GPA by the college or university I attend?
    Yes, your College Now grades will be figured into your GPA if you attend JCCC and some four-year institutions. Other four-year institutions do not figure the College Now or any transfer grades into the GPA until graduation. Sometimes students mistakenly assume that if their grades are not immediately averaged into their GPA at four-year institutions, then their credits do not transfer. In reality, the GPA and the transfer of credits are two separate issues.
  11. Will my credits transfer to colleges and universities other than JCCC?
    This is the most frequently asked question. Since students will attend institutions throughout the country, obviously they cannot always be given an unqualified “yes” answer because each institution sets its own policy for accepting transfer credits. However, every year JCCC's Office of Institutional Research conducts a survey of College Now “graduates” to get their perceptions of the program. One of the key questions asked is, “Did your College Now credits transfer?” The “yes” response to this question has been given nearly 90 percent of the time. If a “no” response is given, the next question focuses on reasons why the credits did not transfer. In most cases, the reason was that students had simply failed to have a copy of their official JCCC transcript, listing their College Now credits, mailed to the colleges and universities they were attending. Since the official transcript is the only way receiving institutions can determine the transferability of College Now credits, it is imperative that students, upon graduation from high school, request JCCC to send official copies to the institutions they are planning to attend. Some students have written in the “comments” part of the survey that their applications to the universities they were attending had been enhanced because of the initiative they had shown by earning college credits while in high school.
  12. If I attend a college or university other than JCCC, how do I get my JCCC transcript sent there?
    Go to and follow the instructions. 
  13. Before enrolling for College Now credit, should I call or write the university I plan to attend and ask if my credits will transfer?
    This is certainly an option, but one that is not going to get very reliable answers because of so many variables. For example, is the person contacted the actual decision-maker? Will that person still be there a year later? Will the person's response be remembered in a year? Will the institution's policy be the same in a year? A better option is to get a copy of the catalog from the college or university you plan to attend. The best advice is to have your JCCC transcript mailed to the college(s) you are considering and have it evaluated.
  14. If I apply for admission to a professional school, will my GPA in courses related to that school be considered?
    Yes, in all likelihood they will be considered.
  15. Will earning college credits while in high school have any effect on college scholarship possibilities?
    It could. For example, at some colleges, including JCCC, if you have earned 12 college credits, your college GPA rather than your high school GPA will be used in awarding scholarships. It is also possible that your scholarship or financial aid could be impacted if you drop College Now classes. For further information, contact the Financial Aid office of the college or university you plan to attend.