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LPN Program - Selection and Ranking

The selection and ranking process is as follows:


We will evaluate applications for admission (providing we have received all required documents) after the deadline has passed and notify applicants by mail to schedule an interview. 

Final Selection into the Program

Final selection is based on:

  • Meeting all application requirements as outlined in the admissions requirements.
  • Overall GPA and letter grade from prerequisite courses. Although Medical Terminology for Healthcare Professionals is not required, applicants will receive extra points for a grade of C or above. These scores will account for 60% of the final ranking. Interview - the interview will account for 40% of the final ranking.

When we have interviewed and ranked eligible applicants, successful candidates will be notified by certified mail if they have been accepted.

Acknowledging Acceptance

If you have been accepted into the program:

  • You have five business days after you receive the letter to accept your position.
  • You must return the Intent to Accept notice and post a $125 non-refundable tuition deposit.

If any of the selected applicants do not accept, or if they accept and then withdraw before the beginning of classes, their position will be offered to the next highest ranked applicant. These applicants are also required to submit the non-refundable $125 tuition deposit within five business days.


About the selection process: Contact Christina Rudacille, director, 913-469-2383

About the admission process: Contact the Admissions Office, 913-469-3803 or 913-469-3848