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How to Apply - ASL-English Interpreter Preparation Program

The JCCC ASL-English Interpreting Program is no longer accepting new students. The final graduating class will be Spring 2019.

The ASL-English Interpreting Preparation Program (AEIP) program is undergoing some critical changes in order to continue providing quality education while meeting the dynamic demands of the field. While there are many unknowns regarding the specifics, the faculty remain excited and optimistic about JCCC’s commitment to strengthening ASL and Deaf culture curriculum in order to better build a foundation of knowledge and skills for those pursuing a degree in ASL-English Interpreting.

Right now, the faculty are focusing on the transition from the current career program (AAS degree) to a transfer degree that provides students a foundation in ASL and Deaf culture, and exploring options with a local institution interested in establishing undergraduate and graduate degrees. The faculty are committed to working closely with the identified institution so the AA can serve as a feeder program for a new program to be established in Kansas.

Please feel free to contact Stacey Storme with any questions or clarifications you may have. The AEIP team is committed to maintaining involvement in the quality education and preparation of students interested in pursuing the work of ASL-English interpreting, along with expanding the breadth of the program to ASL and Deaf culture knowledge for a larger community of learners.