How to Apply - ASL-English Interpreter Preparation Program

The ASL - English Interpreter Preparation Program is a selective admission program.


Important notice:

The ASL-English Interpreting Preparation program will soon be undergoing some significant changes. Please read about the changes before you apply.


Urgent information: The location for the Information Session on Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2017, 5-6 p.m., has been changed to CC 126B.


  1. Complete the JCCC online application and select the ASL- English Interpreter Preparation Program.
  2. Read the ASL-English Interpreter Preparation Program selective admission application (PDF).
  3. Review the enrollment checklist (PDF) to make sure each step is completed.
  4. Complete Admission Worksheet for Fall 2017.

Selection Process

  1. Once you've applied, you will be notified if/when your application is complete. Complete means all transcripts and ACT results are received, and all application materials are completed.
  2. We will schedule an interview (usually sometime in March). Interviews are meant to assess such skills as fluency in English and ASL, basic cognitive processing skills, interpersonal skills, maturity, professional behavior and basic awareness of interpreting and critical thinking. Applicants should be prepared to demonstrate their ASL competency (both comprehension and production) during the interview.
  3. After the interview, usually mid to late May, you will be notified by certified mail whether you have been accepted into the program. Final selections will be based upon a competitive process which ranks the applicants interviewed and reflects the consensus of the interview committee.

Note: The Priority Application Deadline is Feb. 20, 2017. Completed applications with all required materials submitted after Feb. 20, 2017, will be reviewed after March 20 if available open positions remain.

Accept/Decline Your Place in the Program

All applicants offered a position in the Interpreter Training Program will be notified by certified mail. To acknowledge acceptance/decline of position you must must:

Return the Intention to Accept/Decline form (mailed with the acceptance letter), along with a $125 tuition deposit, within 10 days from the receipt of the acceptance letter. The $125 will be applied to the first semester's tuition. This deposit will be refunded only if written notification is submitted to Admissions prior to June 10, 2017. The form is to be returned even if the applicant has decided to decline the position. This permits the next person on the waiting list to be moved into the vacated slot in a timely manner.