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Aaron Monson - Testimonial

Aaron Monson

My name is Aaron J. Monson; I am a student at Johnson County Community College pursuing an Associate of Applied Science in Web Development and Digital Media with an emphasis on Digital Media.

In my past I was not a supporter the educational system; after my high school graduation in 2008, I fought with the idea of college for years. In the few years following high school I had taken several general prerequisites at the local community college in my home town of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Because of my lack of interest in the courses I was taking, I only completed a small percentage of the credits needed to obtain a certificate of completion. I attempted once more to return to school in 2012, but this time it was for the Business Administration certificate offered by Johnson County Community College, after moving to the area from my home town. Again the content and courses were not of my interest, so I withdrew. After quitting school for a second time, I worked various positions with a variety of companies in multiple states. It wasn't until June of 2015, after a workforce injury, that I knew an education was necessary to better my health, living conditions, as well as my well-being.

I swallowed my pride and decided to take a closer look to what types of opportunities were out there. After glancing through all of the different programs offered by universities in the area, I knew I needed to find an alternative to help my financial situation in the short run. So I began looking on the JCCC website at all of the different course descriptions and degree programs. I read through every single program description and at the very bottom of the list was the Web Development and Digital Media AAS. At the time I thought, “It would be nice to know more about computers,” because I knew how valuable of a skill that it would be. Out of reflex, I began planning out times for classes and signing up for courses. The same day I decided to contact the department professors to introduce myself and to familiarize myself with the people I would be working with throughout the next couple years. Everyone was very welcoming and willing to talk, and even though I barely knew how to type it made me feel comfortable with going to class the first day.

As the first semester rolled forward, I was lined up with Kayla Harrity, my career coach, who motivated me to keep up my efforts. She would answer any and all questions I had to keep up to date on my progress as well as letting me know about any events happening on campus to help me keep informed about potential opportunities, such as job fairs, conferences and campus events. But I still wanted to know more, and fast. So I began networking with other staff, faculty, and students. These conversations led to myself and others founding the Web Development Club (aka the Web Club) for Johnson County Community College. It was a first of its kind on campus. This also led to my involvement and eventual employment as the marketing and web manager for the JCCC ECAV student-run radio. I have also managed to sustain an above satisfactory grade point average while juggling 12+ credit hours a semester. I am scheduled to graduate in May of 2017, and I couldn’t be happier with my education up to this point. Now I find interest where there once was no knowledge, and I continue to study even when it isn’t assigned. The Web Development and Digital Media program is the future of Johnson County Community College. I highly recommend anyone wanting to further their education to consider this program. It isn’t easy, but if you are willing to learn and you practice your skills, you will enjoy the process as much as I have.