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Chanel Maddox - Testimonial

Chanel Maddox

I am a May 2016 graduate of Johnson County Community College. I completed the Health Information Systems Implementation and Support Specialist Certificate program after graduating from the University of Missouri-Kansas City with a Bachelor of Arts in communication studies. The HIS program is offered through the Accelerated, Collaborative Technology Training Services (ACTTS) program at Johnson County Community College. I have accomplished more than I had imagined in the span of six months. I must attest to the amount of support, encouragement and endless possibilities that Johnson County Community College offers.

Due to preparation, planning and available resources at Johnson County Community College, I was offered an internship with Allscripts at Liberty Hospital. Allscripts is a healthcare informatics company. The opportunity to intern at Allscripts was extremely valuable. Shortly after being selected as the only intern at Allscripts, I received a call from Linda Dubar, an amazing career coach at JCCC, who does everything to make you the best that you have to offer. Every bit of anxiety that I felt walking into my first day as an intern was alleviated by my preparation with Linda Dubar, my career coach, and the supportive staff at JCCC. It was up to me to do the rest. Upon completion of my internship at Allscripts, I was offered an opportunity to continue my experience in healthcare informatics at Cerner, as an applications services consultant.

I owe many thanks to JCCC for offering the ACTTS program, expanding my educational background thus far and recognizing the importance of people like me in the industry. Now I am looking forward to returning to pursue my interest in computer programming. I am constantly challenged to think big, reach high and to never give up. My wonderful career coach, Linda Dubar, my professors and staff continue to guide me and make resources available to enhance my success. I encourage students who are interested in the Accelerated, Collaborative Technology Training Services (ACTTS) program to utilize the support services that JCCC has to offer. The resources granted are more than enough to help navigate successfully through your academic and career goals.