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Timothy Landwehr - Testimonial

Timothy Landwehr

I am a returning student at JCCC after six years working in other fields. I knew I wanted to transition into the technology sector but felt uncertain about my direction or how to achieve my goals. Fortunately, I met my future career coach, Linda Dubar, who guided me in my decision to pursue a career in Web Development. From the start, she and her team in JCCC’s ACTTS program gave me advice, inspiration and motivation to follow through with my career change decision. Her desire to help me succeed in every way possible was apparent from the start. Throughout my first semester she invited me to check in regularly and ensure things were moving along as planned. Those weekly meetings with her made sure my classes were going well, but they also instilled in me the contagious positive thinking she had toward not only my job outlook, but life in general. Additionally, she always had new ideas for ways to stand out among the competition when it was time to find a permanent position. Whether it was preparing for interviews, networking with local business leaders or perfecting my resume, Linda’s persistence helped push my limits for the better.

Today, I am proud yet even more grateful to call myself a participant in the ACTTS program at JCCC. Without it, I would not have the fantastic technology position I hold in the area. The most important thing to note, however, is the appropriate platitude: what you get out of it is what you put into it. The road this program takes you on is not necessarily easy, but it is worthwhile. If the idea of having a mentor, coach and friend from day one appeals to you, join this program. If the idea of having help searching for available jobs while you focus on school appeals to you, join this program. If the idea of having experienced professors and a well-structured career path appeals to you, join this program. I promise, you won’t regret it.