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Andrew Avery - Testimonial

Andrew AveryI am a second semester student at JCCC in the field of Information Technology – Networking. I am currently transitioning into the IT field after being in another field for the last seven years. I work part time, have a family at home and am taking a full course load at JCCC. When I heard about the assistance provided by the ACTTS program, I applied right away.

While being a participant in the ACTTS program, I’ve been able to balance life, work and be successful in my classes at the same time with help from my career coach, campus resources and professors at Johnson County Community College. While attending school, I’ve learned the importance of finding work in a field related to my degree while attending classes. Graduates with prior work experience on average make more money than those without prior work experience. Finding a job is one of the things that a career coach at JCCC will help you with as a student.  My career coach, Linda Dubar, is always looking for job opportunities for students and works to provide resources that will help them succeed.

My career coach checks in with me regularly to see if I am succeeding academically, continually helps me set long- and short-term goals, and sees to it that I meet those goals. Having a career coach is like having a partner at the college who is dedicated to your success. I highly encourage anyone looking to obtain a degree or certificate in Computer Information Systems/Programming, Information Technology/Networking, Web Development, or Health Information Systems to apply to the Accelerated, Collaborative Technology Training Services (ACTTS) program.