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Computer Information Systems - ACTTS

The grant period has ended for the Accelerated, Collaborative Technology Training Services (ACTTS) program. Here are some highlights.

Helping hundreds

More than 400 students participated in the program, allowing them to accelerate their learning in the computer science and technology fields and enter the job market quickly. 

  • Computer Information Systems/Software Development
  • Health information Systems
  • Information Technology/Networking
  • Web Development/Digital Media


We found innovative opportunities to speed things up without sacrificing academic quality:

  • Developed a Programming Bridge course allowing students to accelerate through various programming languages completing degree work faster
  • Established a Web Development Certificate cohort to allow students to complete the certificate in one semester
  • Established an IT/Networking Competency-based Education (CBE) model allowing students to complete four IT/Networking courses faster than a traditional semester
  • Implemented NetLab to give students remote lab access
  • Provided intensive support via career coaches to assist students in their academic and career choices

Making connections

The grant funded more than 40 events to connect students and faculty with business and industry representatives.

A College-wide effort

The grant engaged several areas of the college to ensure students were successful in the program:

  • Counseling
  • Career Services
  • Veterans Services
  • Financial Aid
  • Writing Center
  • Math Resource Center